Top Picks: Nurse Bloggers Who Keep It Real

Blogging has exploded into one of the fastest ways to stay current on events and industry standards. Nurse bloggers are no exception to the mass of blogs available across the internet. But how do you know you are getting good nursing advice?

Take the time to investigate nurse bloggers and validate their credentials. Check their current place of employment, their alma mater, and any associations they belong to. LinkedIn and other online sources are great for looking up information. Nurse blogs can be a great source on staying current in the ever-changing landscape of medicine.

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Nurse Bloggers to Follow As a nurse blogger focusing on nursing in a correctional facility, she offers insight into a patient population many rarely interact with. As a well-known expert on the topic of nurse bullying, Renee Thompson is an excellent source for administrators and staff nurses alike looking for ways to address this issue.

The Business Blog for Advanced Practitioners: Barbara Phillips’ blog is more directed for those at the head of a business but also offers sound advice on human resource and legal matters affecting nurses and leaders.

Nursing Informatics: the blog of HIMSS, has multiple contributors but boasts the most up to date medical information technology. As health care starts integrating more telehealth features, this blog can provide legitimate feedback on performance standards.

Donna Cardillo, The Inspiration Nurse: Offering humor and useful motivation, Donna Cardillo also provides career development advice to nurses. She is often the keynote speaker at nursing events.

Off the Charts: With multi contributors, this blog offers nurses science-based information and tons of resources for administrators. Contributors are proven leaders in their respective fields.

Nurse Keith's Digital Doorway: Providing an understated approach to career management, Keith Carlson offers nurses a unique outlook for experiencing the best nursing career. With over 30 years of nursing experience, Kathy Quan provides a site that ranges from excellent reading on the qualities of the nursing profession to tips on finding new opportunities for jobs.

All of these bloggers and blog sites have volumes of information for you to strengthen your nursing skills, expand your career outlook, and prepare for administrative positions. The writers have walked in a nurse’s shoes and understand the struggles that a nurse faces.

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