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By Joseph Duffy

How to Become a Travel Therapist: Tips for New Grad SLPs, PTs, and OTs

Finally, all those years of school are about to pay off. You’ll soon be graduating and receiving the degree that lets you practice your passion.

Whether you’re about to graduate or already are a new grad SLP, new grad PT, or new grad OT, moving from school to travel therapy can be a smooth transition from one major career milestone to another.

Elle Celestino is a University Program Manager with AMN Healthcare and Med Travelers. Here are her top tips for students and new grads becoming travel therapists.

If you’re still in school, obtain as much information as possible about traveling.

The best way students can learn about traveling is to connect with experienced clinicians in their field and narrow down travel companies offering therapy and a supportive new grad program. Many university programs collaborate with companies, such a Med Travelers, for private lunch and learn events that students can attend. Attend private events, as well as university career fairs and state/national conferences.

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When choosing a travel company partner, do your due diligence and assess whether the company has:

  • A great reputation
  • An extensive network of various and nationwide assignment opportunities
  • A solid new graduate program, such as the Clinical Fellowship-New Grad Program for SLPs, since supervision is essential to have. Med Travelers’ New Grad Program includes:
  • Free and Unlimited CEUs
  • New graduate rewards of up to $5,000 over two years
  • Mentorship
  • Supervision for CF-SLPs
  • Free and Unlimited CEUs
  • Medical certificate reimbursement for CF-SLPs
  • A team of qualified and credentialed clinicians who have experience and knowledge about their field (They should oversee everything, including credentialing, screening, supervision, learning, research, and the-practice)
  • State and national license reimbursements
  • Corporate benefits, such as hotel or car rental discounts
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • A recruiter you trust and feel comfortable with

Start the transition process by downloading the AMN Passport App.

Once students or new grads choose a travel company offering proper support and benefits to help them throughout their journey, they can apply to speak with a recruiter. For students and new grads interested in Med Travelers, download the AMN Passport App for your Apple or Android mobile phone. The app lets you quickly see available jobs. Other app features include personalized job selections, credential storage, time and payment details, and an onboarding checklist.

Prepare a wish list of travel locations.

Create a list of cities and/or states you are interested in. Think about what is vital for you during your first travel assignment and the parameters you want to discuss with your recruiter. Nothing is off the table. Open and honest communication from clinicians is critical for recruiters to meet your needs.

If still a student, start preparing for traveling before graduating.

Determine when your degree will get conferred in preparation for your state license application. In addition, check out the state board website (and national websites, such as for SLPs, for OTs, and for PTs). You should also prepare financially for your license application and your temporary move. Supportive travel companies like Med Travelers offer benefits, such as license and travel reimbursements once you start your position. Often, direct hire positions don’t provide these benefits.

Once you land an interview, have a list of questions ready for your assignment interviewer.

SLP, PT, and OT mentors recommend having questions prepared for the interviewer to help a new clinician understand the facility, job expectations, materials, and support.  

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