How Do Allied Health Travelers Work with an Agency?

If you’re an allied health professional who’s dreaming of taking a travel job, consider contacting an allied health staffing agency like AMN Healthcare.

“Partnering with an agency like us gives you the opportunity to work at one of the thousands of award-winning facilities across the country,” said Gillian D., recruitment manager. “Also, you are absolutely going to earn a pay package that is much higher than you would get if you were taking a permanent, full-time position.”

But perhaps you don’t need any convincing to try allied travel. You’re ready to see what’s out there! Here’s how to work with an allied health staffing agency that can help you take this exciting next step on your career path.

How to get started with Allied travel

When you are ready to take the first step toward a traveler lifestyle, you can call and ask to speak to a recruiter at AMN Healthcare, or simply get the ball rolling by going to the AMN Healthcare website or downloading the AMN Passport app to fill out an application. Once you hit “send” on the application, keep your phone nearby.

“Once you apply, your application is sent to a recruiter,” said Gillian. “A recruiter is going to reach out to call you shortly.”

Even if you don’t think you’re ready to travel right away, it’s still a good idea to go ahead and contact a recruiter. Why? Gillian notes that it’s easier for recruiters to find the right jobs for future travelers if they have some time to get to know the traveler and their preferences and to help them chart a path forward.

Plus, you may need some time to get licensed to practice in a different state.  For example, if you’re hoping to take an allied health travel position in California but don’t have a California license, it may take a few months to complete that process.  Don’t worry: AMN Healthcare has a team of licensure experts who can help you navigate that process.

Apply Now

If you are ready to travel now, your recruiter can get right to work seeking assignments that fit your priorities. Your chances of getting to work quickly are always better if you’re willing to be flexible. For instance, if you already have a license to practice in a certain state, you might be able to take an open position in that state right away. Or you might agree to take a job in a state with a short licensure process, like Oregon, which only takes about four weeks to process licensure for physical therapists, notes Gillian.

Be candid with your recruiter

One of the best reasons to work with an agency is the opportunity to have a dedicated allied health recruiter work on your behalf—at no cost to you. Your recruiter is there for you every step of the way, from application onward. In fact, many travelers develop close relationships with their recruiters.

Your recruiter will keep a sharp eye out for job openings that match your preferences and will submit your resume right away. Your recruiter will help you navigate the best pay packages. Your recruiter will help you prepare for an interview so you can present yourself in the best possible light. And your recruiter will steer you to the right people within AMN Healthcare for help with issues involving your housing, your paycheck, or your licensure.

“You really have somebody in your corner,” said Gillian.

To have the best possible working relationship with your recruiter, however, you need to be honest with them from the start. Be candid about your priorities, your deal-breakers, and other concerns, said Gillian.

“Don’t hold back because you won’t get the best experience,” she said. “If there is something that we don’t know because you don’t tell us, we can’t be of the best service to you.”

Benefits of working with an allied health staffing agency

In addition to the career advice and general assistance from your recruiter, consider these benefits that you’ll enjoy when you take an allied health travel job through AMN Healthcare:

  • Excellent pay. You often hear the word “lucrative” to describe the pay you’ll receive as a traveler—and it’s true!
  • Free housing. To help you feel at home during your travel assignment, you can opt for free, corporate-arranged housing, or take a housing stipend and procure your own place to live.
  • Other reimbursements. AMN Healthcare will take care of travel expenses to your new job, as well as various discounts for work expenses such as scrubs to wear on the job and professional memberships.
  • Health benefits. You’ll receive a robust array of benefits, including medical, dental, and short-term disability. Plus, you can participate in a generous 401(k) matching program.
  • Licensure assistance. After you accept an allied travel job, our team will help you get licensed—and pay the associated fees.
  • 24/7 clinical support. “It’s really great to have an expert in your field available to help you, should you develop a concern or a clinical issue arises at work,” says Gillian.
  • AMN Passport. The AMN Passport app makes it easy to get customized job alerts and manage your assignments, timecards, and more.

Additionally, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists can earn free continuing education units (CEUs) through AMN Healthcare.

Another benefit that’s unique to new graduates who work with AMN Healthcare is the opportunity for mentorship, usually from an experienced traveler. “You can call them night or day,” says Gillian. “They are a non-biased person who can give you their perspective on how to handle situations.”

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