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Blog January 27, 2022

Get to the Front of the Line – 3 Reasons to Book Your Clinicians Now

Prepare Your Staff for the 2022-2023 School Year

Even in the midst of this school year, temporary school clinicians currently on assignment are looking to secure their upcoming 2022-2023 school year placements. With months to go before year’s end, it’s not too early for school districts to follow suit in filling positions of need. In fact, with demand for clinicians rising 200% from 2020 to 2021, the need to act fast has become more pressing in ensuring anticipated openings are filled across disciplines.

How exactly can proactive hiring place you at an advantage?

The Benefits of Booking Your Clinicians Now

1. You will be ahead of the 67% of school districts that wait until April to start booking

2. Candidates will be able to secure licensure and education certifications early, ensuring they will be able to start on time

3. Districts that wait until the summer may find minimal supply

AMN School Staffing: Here for You and Your Students

As an industry leader in school staffing solutions, we combine a legacy of trust with unparalleled service, the most comprehensive network of quality, vetted clinicians, and most importantly, a passion for supporting students for current and future success. We understand the unique and individual needs of each student, working collaboratively with our school partners to provide equal education opportunities for all.

Whatever the needs of your school district, we can prepare you for next year now, so you can focus on the students currently in your classrooms. Currently, we have the bandwidth to fulfill on-site staffing requests for 2022-2023, with qualified monolingual and bilingual SLPs, PTs, OTs, school psychologists, social workers, board certified behavior analysts, nurses, teletherapists, and more — each ready and eager to bolster your staff and provide the support your students need.

We are also proud to offer alternative staffing solutions in four distinct service lines: Teletherapy, Managed Services Programs, Mental Health Programs, and Language Interpretation & Translation, including ASL.

Learn more about the benefits of partnering with AMN School Staffing and get to the front of the line for the next school year.