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AMN Passport October 19, 2022

Taking your Job Search to the Next Level with AMN Passport

Advice from a Recruitment Specialist 

The job search for travelers can be stressful, tedious, and overwhelming for some, that’s why we created the AMN Passport app. This innovative mobile app was designed by clinicians for clinicians to ensure everything you need is in one place. We talked with Cheyenne Moore, Senior Principal Recruiter, who shared some of her favorite features, as well as her advice for candidates applying within the app. 

“My goal is to find the perfect assignment for my travelers that suit their skill sets, location preferences, and their shifts, to place them into the needs that we currently have within the hospital systems,” said Moore. 

Once you downloaded the AMN Passport app, you will be required to fill out your profile, preferences, and upload your credentials for the best outcome. Moore suggests applicants upload all certifications and licenses, provide detailed work history, and keep everything up to date to provide a seamless application and onboarding process.  

One feature Moore finds to be very beneficial is job matching. Upon uploading credentials, applicants will receive notifications for jobs they are most qualified for.  

“Once they get those credentials in, they'll actually be able to see how much of a credentialed candidate they are for the facility,“ Moore said. 

As applicants complete their profiles, a recruiter will be assigned to them. As soon as candidates apply, the recruiter will connect with them to ensure they have everything they need and most importantly, complete their skills checklist. 

“A skills checklist is one of the major requirements for every client. It’s the number one thing they must complete. It reflects your experience and kind of grades yourself on a variety of settings and equipment,” Moore said. 

Throughout the process, applicants will have 24-hour access to their recruiter via messaging, phone, and email. They will also have direct access to a credentialing analyst, the support department, and a designated customer account manager to handle all their payroll aspects. 

“The payroll aspect is one of my favorite features as well. While travelers are on assignment, they have access to their timekeeping instructions, hours, and pay stubs. It's right at your fingertips instead of trying to track things down,” Moore said. 

In summary, to take your AMN Passport experience to the next level, applicants should be as detailed and accurate as possible when completing their profile. You should also pay attention to expiring document notifications, and make sure the skills checklist is updated to properly reflect your experience, present yourself well, and stand out to the facility. If you follow these important steps, your job search will be painless, taking your travel experience to new heights. Our recruiters can’t wait to help you discover your dream job and reach your career goals.  


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