Nurse Signing Contract in AMN Passport
AMN Passport February 16, 2023

How to Sign Your Contract in AMN Passport

After much research and interviewing, you’ve landed your dream job and now it’s time to accept and sign your assignment contract. AMN Passport creates a centralized mobile experience that keeps you on track with your assignment.  At any time, you can access, review, and sign your contract from the palm of your hand. Here’s how following the steps below can help streamline the process for your next contract assignment.  

Step 1: Scroll down to see your assignments

Step 2: Click on the assignment to view the details

Step 3: Select “Contract” to be taken to your agreement

Step 4: Scroll down to review and read your assignment details

Step 5: Check the “I verify” box

Step 6: Type your full legal name

Step 7: Click “Submit” to send your signed contract

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