• Join us on September 29 for a complimentary, live, educational webinar, hosted by the WBL Foundation. AMN Healthcare Chief Clinical Officer Marcia Faller will discuss the results of the 2015 AMN Survey of Registered Nurses.

    The responses from nearly 9,000 registered nurses in the 2015 Survey of Registered Nurses/Viewpoints on Retirement, Education and Emerging Roles provide an opportunity to measure the impact on nurses of the changes occurring in the healthcare industry.

    These changes are reshaping the roles and duties of millions of clinical professionals, while also transforming supply and demand in the healthcare workforce.

    During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

    • The transformation in the nursing workforce as baby boomers retire and a younger generation tries to fill the ranks
    • The particularly acute impact from this retirement wave on nursing instruction
    • Very strong interest in education and training among nurses, including for emerging roles and advanced practice nursing

    Featured Speaker:

    Marcia Faller Headshot Webinar

    Marcia Faller

    Chief Clinical Officer

    AMN Healthcare

    Marcia Faller, PhD, RN, is the Chief Clinical Officer for AMN Healthcare. Throughout her tenure with AMN, Dr. Faller has championed the development of consistent quality standards for credentialing and competency evaluation of healthcare professionals, setting AMN apart in the industry and giving it a name synonymous with quality healthcare professionals.

    As a result of her efforts, the AMN rigorous screening and quality control processes meet and often exceed Joint Commission and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards. Since joining AMN in 1989, as Vice President of Nursing, Dr. Faller has taken on roles of increasing responsibility and, throughout her tenure; she has led sales teams, implemented de novo service lines, and provided leadership for both information technology and human resources. Currently Dr. Faller leads a team of approximately 200 staff in credentialing, education and clinical service areas under a Shared Services model. Dr. Faller earned a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Arizona, a master of science in nursing and doctorate in nursing from the University of San Diego.

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