2010 Social Media Survey of Healthcare Professionals - AMN Healthcare

November 14, 2012

2010 Social Media Survey of Healthcare Professionals

The Use of Social Media and Other Online Resources for Professional Networking and Job Searches

As recently as 2003, when MySpace was founded, and social media became more prevalent as a communications tool, many people had never heard of the term “social media,” and those who had likely could not have guessed what impact it would have on the future of communications. Now, in 2010, this phenomenon has changed the way people interact with each other and keep up with information. More people are opting to go online and post messages to friends, colleagues and clients via their Facebook page, Twitter from their mobile devices, upload a blog, or share a link to their favorite YouTube video or Web cast.

As more and more hospitals and healthcare agencies are jumping on the social media bandwagon to engage with the growing audience, so too are the clinical professionals that they employ. And these clinicians, like many professionals, are using them for more than just social purposes. Physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and pharmacists are now turning to their computers and smart phones to network with professional colleagues, track down job leads and apply for new positions. 

But which social media sites are used most by healthcare professionals? How often are they using them? And how effective are social networks and other online tools at connecting clinicians with new job opportunities? AMN Healthcare set out to find the answer to these and other related questions through its Within the healthcare industry, social media usage is growing on several fronts: a wide variety of patient communities and advocacy groups are springing up; healthcare agencies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to The Joint Commission are using social media to share important health information; a number of hospitals, clinics and larger medical practices have adopted social media as part of their communications strategy; and specialized networks for clinician groups are becoming increasingly popular. 

This survey was designed to provide healthcare employers and leaders in the field with a snapshot of how individual healthcare professionals including physicians, registered nurses, allied health professionals and pharmacy professionals are currently using social media and other online applications for professional networking, job hunting and other career development activities. 

The survey data is presented as totals and broken out by clinical specialties. Industry leaders can use the results to gauge the effectiveness of various social media networks and related applications as they develop future plans for recruiting, advertising and general communications.