• 10,000 People Are Turning 65 Every Day

    This aging population is fueling a demand for home health care, but at the same time the industry is seeing historic staffing shortages.

    This demand is propelling home health care revenue projections to over $300 billion, but will your organization be able to see their share of these returns if it’s not staffed properly to meet the influx of new patients?

    How do you prepare so you can meet patient needs, provide quality care and ensure that your employees aren’t overburdened?

    Meet Your Staffing Needs with AMN Healthcare

    Adequate staffing levels help you meet increased patient demands. That’s why AMN provides you with access to the largest and most diverse pool of highly-qualified home healthcare professionals in the industry. We have a dedicated AMN Home Healthcare team that expands staffing services to meet demands and provides candidates that are OASIS-trained healthcare professionals who receive almost 20 hours of instruction on home healthcare best practices. We also provide flexible options for all of your temporary staffing needs.

    With AMN, You Get Access to Highly Skilled:

    • Registered Nurses (Home Health & Hospice)
    • Physical Therapists & Assistants
    • Certified Occupational Therapists & Assistants
    • Speech/Language Pathologists
    • Registered Nurse Case Managers
    • Respiratory Therapists
    • Social Workers
    • And More Specialties!
    “With up to 30% of my staff being travelers at any given time, I depend on AMN to help run my agency. They are responsive and understanding, and that is huge.”

    Jeanne McLaughlin, MSN, MSEd, BSMP
    President & CEO
    Visiting Nurse and Hospice

    Temporary Staffing Helps Home Health Agencies

    A staffing partner can help provide you with a vast network of temporary home healthcare clinicians. You will have access to:

    • Highly trained home health candidates at the ready
    • Clinicians with the skills you require
    • Graduates of the Home Care Institute

    High-quality contractors can keep your agency running smoothly and let you concentrate on exceeding patient needs, growing revenue and offering high-quality care.

    A Temporary Worker Strategy Can Help You Overcome:

    • Staffing shortages
    • Increasing patient demands
    • Staffing imbalances among units
    • Staffing on the fly
    • Labor cost overruns
    • Burnout
    • Low morale among clinicians
    • Inability to stay competitive


    AMN Healthcare Home Health Staffing Services  
    AMN Healthcare Home Health Staffing Services Home Health Staffing Services
    The aging population is fueling a demand for home health care, but at the same time the industry is seeing staffing shortages.Read more.

    AMN Supports Multistate Physical Therapy Privileging

    To help ensure our clients have access to quality clinicians when they need them, AMN assists physical therapy professionals seeking multistate privileges through The Physical Therapy Licensure Compact. The Compact is a state-based initiative dedicated to reducing regulatory barriers to interstate practice for physical therapy (PT) professionals. Under the Compact system, qualified PTs, whose home state is a Compact participant, can apply for privileges to work in another Compact state without having to secure an additional license.

    AMN underwrites the application fees for AMN PTs and PT assistants who desire to work in one of the Compact states. We see multistate privileges as a win for all involved. Patients will have greater access to quality care, clinicians will have more mobility and new career opportunities, and healthcare organizations will be provided with larger numbers of qualified professionals. It will also allow the provision of electronic or telemedicine services by placing privileged clinicians across state lines.

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