Post-Acute and Home Health Virtual Care Telehealth Platform

Virtual Care is here to stay and healthcare organizations are moving towards a hybrid model of care by incorporating virtual care into more settings; including home health. Synzi, our HIPAA-compliant platform, creates valuable connections and enhances effective care while bringing convenience and peace of mind to patients and family caregivers.

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Medication Management

With a variety of interactive and automated communication tools, reminders and assessments, Synzi will help you drive better medication management and adherence with your patients. It will help alleviate the burden on your staff and will allow you to educate and equip your patients and their care team with the tools they need to be healthy.


Is Medication Adherence an issue with your patients? Let's fix it.


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Core Features

Tailored Messaging

We help your patients feel at ease by tailoring patient messaging

On Their Terms

We reach them when and where your patients prefer to engage

Preferred Device

We make it easy for patients to connect on their preferred device

Language Capabilities

When patients prefer to communicate in a language other than English, we have interpretation and translation capabilities

Two-Way Communications

We help your patients ask questions in-between visits or when they need care on-demand

Reduced Risk

We know if your patients are non-compliant so you can intervene and reduce rehospitalization

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PHE HIPAA Compliance

With the expiration of PHE on May 11, it is critical that your communications and connections with colleagues and patients are protected. After May 11, the HHS Office for Civil Rights will resume enforcement of penalties on providers for noncompliance with HIPAA rules for technology use.


Are you in compliance? We can help you find out!

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Secure Messaging

  • Improves Productivity: Eliminate internal phone tag and minimize the need for in-person meetings
  • Enables Case Collaboration: Delivers vitals, wound photos, and other patient information easily and securely amongst colleagues
  • Expanded Functionality: Allows for defined care teams, organization-wide groups, persistent alerting, etc.
  • Features Click-to-Chat: Enables patient-clinician communications without requiring the patient to download an application
  • Share Documents: Send PDF documents (such as Care Plans) and images between colleagues, patients and family members
  • HIPAA Protection: Protects an organization against costly fines for HIPAA breaches
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Condition Management

  • Customized Messaging: To any of your clinical pathways
  • Strengthens Adherence and Compliance: Features timely medication reminders and patient education
  • Translation: Creates messages in your patient's primary, preferred language
  • Reduces Visits: Helps cut down on revisits and rehospitalizations amongst high-risk and rising-risk patients
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Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Easily Share Vitals: Helps patients share critical information from their smartphone, tablet, and Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Collects and Transmits: Send health data such as weight, temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, glucose levels, and heart rate
  • Alert System: Notifies parties when an abnormal reading has occurred
  • Patient and Caregiver Satisfaction: Improves patient's QOL by allowing them to stay at home longer and reducing the number and length of in-patient stays

Who We Help

Our HIPAA-compliant communication platform is designed to help your team better communicate with colleagues, deepen patient engagement, strengthen medication adherence, enhance satisfaction, and improve outcomes. Our technology helps post-acute organizations provide 24/7 patient care and virtual remote patient monitoring in a variety of settings.

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Family Caregivers
Care Teams
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  • Virtual Surveys: Allows patients to easily complete information from their everyday communication devices
  • Critical Insights: Monitors patient progress, level of adherence and compliance, and SDOHs for agencies and referral partners
  • Enables Administrators: To determine who will answer which assessment, in what order, and at what time
  • COVID-19 Assessments: Helps agencies assess staff for COVID-19 before a return to work or visit to patient homes or nursing facilities
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