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6 Nurse Twitter Accounts RNs Can Follow For Fun and Advice

You read tons of important publications and try your hardest to stay up on healthcare breakthroughs, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to search out all the nursing advice there is to read. Seek out these seven nurse twitter accounts and get all the news you need in 280 characters or less.

1. CNN Health

While CNN Health’s Twitter feed isn’t strictly nurse oriented, it is an invaluable asset to nurses eager to stay on top of all the biggest developments in health news. CNN covers everything from pharmaceutical law to Medicaid expansion to the dangers of skipping breakfast, and stories are steeped in fact with all the necessary citations. The stories aren’t personal, but they are an essential part of your continuing education, so make this account one of your quick skims first thing every morning.

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2. Scrubs And Pearls

If you could combine Steel Magnolia's and ER, you’d probably get something along the lines of Scrubs and Pearls. The author is anonymous, but her advice and witty insights are as memorable as they come. Many tweets are geared towards aspiring nurses — the tag #advicetobabynursingstudents appears often — while others tackle political issues, talk up simple pleasures like buying new scrubs and discuss efficient ways to solve common problems such as staffing shortages.

3. American Nursing Association

The American Nursing Association is a national organization that services as an advocate for RNs and their patients, and their twitter account offers the same professional advice and support in bite-sized form. It’s a great place to learn about issues affecting nurses as a whole. You might catch glimpses of conference highlights, get a link to an important pro-nursing petition or gain access to free educational materials produced by the ANA.

4. The Nerdy Nurse: A Nurse Twitter Account For Technophiles

The Nerdy Nurse loves innovation and whimsy in equal amounts. She’s not afraid to wax on about pharmacology terminology and in practically the same breath offer up a free printable nurse bingo sheet (spoiler alert: the squares are hilarious). It’s an authentic feed peppered with true-to-life tidbits from a real nurse with a really good sense of humor and a smart take on what nurses need to know to be more effective in the workplace.

5. A Disease A Day

A Disease a Day is another account that hasn’t been updated in quite a while. That said, there are a couple thousand existing tweets, each highlighting a disease you may or may not already know about. Make it your mission to scroll through and click on one disease each lunch break. Learn about mastocytosis as you munch on your turkey sandwich, or study an infographic on how MRI scans work so you can better explain the mechanics to your patients.

6. Charting Nursing’s Future

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the nursing field will grow by a total of 15 percent by 2026, and Charting Nursing’s Future is helping everyone get prepared. Through this account and the more active Campaign for Action, this team of nursing advocates is sharing news about nursing policies and practices and encourages healthcare professionals to get involved. Following these feeds is a great way to dip your toes into political waters and get empowered to protect your career and the profession at large.

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