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Travel Allied Updated January 12, 2023

By Michael O’Leary

The Physical Therapy Compact: What You Need to Know

Since its inception in 2018, the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact has opened the door for physical therapists to practice across state lines without going through additional licensure processes. Beginning with just a handful of member states, the PT Compact has expanded to provide privileges in 27 member states as of 2023, with 9 more having introduced legislation to join. 

This incredible agreement means greater flexibility and ease of relocation and less paperwork for travel physical therapists booking new assignments. Now, physical therapists and physical therapy assistants have true freedom when considering their career options nationwide. 


An interstate compact is a contract between two or more states creating an agreement on a particular issue or standard. In the case of the PT Compact, it is an agreement between states to honor the licensing standards of the other states participating in the compact. The stated purpose of physical therapy compact licensure is to increase consumer access to physical therapy services by reducing regulatory barriers to interstate mobility and cross-state practice. The physical therapy compact also seeks to increase the mobility of eligible physical therapy providers by allowing them to work in multiple states.

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Who Is Participating In The PT Compact?

As of January 2023, 36 states have enacted legislation to join the Physical Therapy Compact, with 27 member states issuing compact privileges - see the PT Compact member states map. Those numbers continue to grow, so keep an eye out for new additions in 2023!

PT Compact- What Are The Benefits?

The PT Compact for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants offers a fast and effective way to practice in multiple states across the U.S. It provides three major benefits compared to obtaining single licenses in individual states, and these are:

  1. It reduces paperwork
  2. It reduces costs
  3. It streamlines requirements and processes for physical therapists.

While The PT Compact incurs a membership fee, Club Staffing is happy to share that we reimburse these expenses for all of our travel PTs!

How Can Physical Therapists and PT Assistants Determine Eligibility?

According to the PT Compact, Physical therapists and PT assistants who wish to purchase a PT compact privilege must:

  • Hold a current, valid PT or PTA license in their state of residence, which must currently issue PT Compact privileges.
  • Have a valid driver's license proving permanent residency in your home state.
  • Not have any active incumbrances or disciplinary actions against any license for a period of two years.
  • Seek privileges in a PT Compact member state that is currently issuing and accepting compact privileges. 

Who Should Consider Getting PT Compact Privileges?

Physical therapists who live in markets where the need for physical therapy services crosses state lines can benefit. Travel physical therapists and travel PT assistants also should consider the advantages of obtaining PT compact privileges.

What Does The PT Compact Cost?

The fee for PT Compact licensure varies from state to state. You can view a detailed breakdown of compact fees here

If you are interested in pursuing physical therapy compact licensure for travel physical therapy jobs, we can connect you with the largest network of healthcare employers throughout the United States.

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