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7 Reasons You Should Do Allied Travel with Pets

When exploring allied travel jobs, one of the first questions a prospective traveler often asks is, “Can I travel with my pet?” The answer: “Absolutely!” Taking a pet along on your assignments is not only possible, but it can provide a number of mental, physical and social benefits.

Club Staffing is happy to work with our travelers to set them up in pet-friendly accommodations--just let your recruiter know that you plan to travel with your pet. Our company-arranged housing is free, but you may need to pay a pet deposit, and some apartment complexes have rules about certain breeds. Or you can choose the housing stipend to find your own accommodations.

7 Ways Traveling With A Pet Is Good For You (Science Says So!):

1.  Better social adjustments. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that pet owners experience less fear, loneliness and preoccupation than non-owners. They also have higher self-esteem and better physical fitness, and tend to be more extroverted and conscientious.

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2.  Lowered stress levels. It is hard to deny that an enthusiastic welcome from a pet when you walk through the door can make you feel like a million bucks. But you may not know that petting an animal actually releases the hormone oxytocin, which provides stress and anxiety relief and thus reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels.

3.  Purrfect timing for healing. Did you know? The frequency (Hz) of a cat’s purr is medically therapeutic--purrs have been shown to reduce the time for infections, broken bones and muscle injuries to heal.

4.  Therapeutic play time. Our pets often remind us to take the time to play. The silly things pets are prone to do make us smile, and those smiles increase our serotonin and dopamine levels, giving us a sense of calm and contentedness.

5.  Less loneliness, more pet-friendly friends. If you are in a new city on an allied healthcare assignment, having a furry friend along not only wards off loneliness, but can also help you meet new people. 

I recently had the experience of dog sitting a friend’s Chihuahua. I had to grab a couple things from the grocery store after picking him up so I just tucked him in my jacket; nearly every other person stopped to pet him and talk with me. And of course, a dog park isn’t just for dogs--it is great place for their owners to socialize, too.

6.  Exercise and exploration by necessity. When nature calls, dogs also force you to get up, out of the house and get some fresh air and sunlight--all of which are good for your body and your spirits. Their need for exercise offers a great reason to get out and explore your new city; plus, you have a built-in hiking companion.

7.  Unconditional love. The best thing about pets is that they love us unconditionally. After a long, hard shift at the hospital or clinic, you don’t need to impress them. In fact, they love it when you throw on your yoga pants, sit down and tell them all your troubles--especially if tummy rubs are involved.

Tips For Traveling With Pets

Before you pack up Spot and head out to your first allied travel job, check these things off the list:
•   Update your pet’s vaccinations and obtain his veterinary records
•   Pack familiar items to help your pet feel at home quickly--his food bowl, litter box, favorite bed and favorite toy
•   Obtain a secure way for your pet to travel, whether that is in a crate or a harness
•   For cats or anxious dogs, a mild sedative prescription from the vet might make travel easier
•   Bring, or buy when you arrive, throws or slip covers to protect furniture--even pet-friendly accommodations will charge for damage.
•   Plan to arrive a couple of days early so that your pet can adjust to its new surroundings, knowing you are there with him.

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