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9 Speech Therapy Podcasts to Listen To

Speech therapy podcasts are a great way to stay on top of your SLP career. Pop in your earbuds and catch up on the latest news and research, hear interviews with experts and learn strategies to provide the best treatment to your patients. You can also pick up essential tips on taking care of your own mental health and well-being. Some podcasts qualify for continuing education credits if you complete the accompanying podcourse.

Here are the top informative and engaging speech therapy podcasts for you to stream, covering a variety of treatment areas.

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1. Speech Science Podcast

This informative podcast breaks down current research and issues in speech and language therapy. Hosts Matt Hott, Michael McLeoud and Michelle Wintering interview experts, discuss new tools and consider evidence-based practice in their discussions. Recent episodes examine the link between myelination and autism (February 15, 2020), how literacy might affect dementia (November 20, 2019) and whether praise improves student progress (February 15, 2020).

2. Conversations In Speech Pathology

Jeff Stephen, an SLP with more than 20 years of experience, hosts Conversations in Speech Pathology. Each episode features an in-depth chat with an expert on a subject related to the clinical practice of speech-language pathology and therapy. Recent episodes cover the growth of telepractice (episode 51), strategies to use with patients on the autism spectrum (episode 48) and auditory processing disorders (episode 47).

3. Speech Uncensored

Speech Uncensored explores therapy techniques, critique assessment protocols and other resources to enhance your speech therapy practice. You can listen to episodes about the role of SLPs in intensive care units (January 6, 2020), how to support speakers across the gender spectrum (October 28, 2019) and working with patients through Parkinson's (December 30, 2019). You can also complete accompanying podcourses worth 0.1 ASHA continuing education units.

4. Talking With Tech AAC Podcast

Talking with Tech AAC Podcast is essential for staying up to date on developments in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). It's packed with interviews with thought-leaders, clinicians, researchers, app developers and users. You'll pick up plenty of ideas for your work and learn best practices for device selection and implementation. This weekly, hour-long podcast is hosted by Rachel Madel and Chris Bugaj.

5. StutterTalk

StutterTalk is a long-running speech therapy podcast dedicated to supporting people who stutter. Recent episodes focus on a successful stuttering comedian (episode 671), high-stress stuttering (episode 656), stuttering in the workplace (episode 653) and whether fluency should be equated with success in treatment (episode 667).

6. SLP Happy Hour

The life of an SLP can be busy and stressful. SLP Happy Hour focuses on work, wellness and staying calm in a hectic workplace. Hosted by Sarah and Sarie, two full-time SLPs, this speech therapy podcast examines burnout, guilt and feeling overwhelmed when treating patients. It offers plenty of practical advice for work-life integration, self-care, saying no and changing your habits.

7. Swallow Your Pride

Hosted by Theresa Richard, Swallow Your Pride spotlights the treatment of patients with swallowing disorders. The podcast features interviews with experts and researchers in the field and offers dysphagia clinicians some evidence-based treatment strategies to best help their patients. If you browse the archives, you can find episodes on rating fatigue (episode 125), motivating patients (episode 108) and accessing instrumental evaluations in rural settings (episode 121).

8. First Bite

One of the best speech therapy podcasts for those working with pediatric patients is First Bite. Host Michelle Dawson interviews experts in their fields to explore all aspects of diagnosing and treating this complex and vulnerable patient population. Each episode of the podcast is free to stream and can qualify for 0.1 ASHA CEUs for speech therapy after purchasing and completing the accompanying podcourse.

9. Teach Me To Talk

Teach Me to Talk explores communication delays and disorders among children up to age three. It's hosted by pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize and features episodes on teaching nonverbal toddlers to imitate (episode 372), selecting goals for minimally verbal kids (episode 356), cueing a toddler to use new speech sounds (episode 355) and teaching final consonant sounds (episode 380). These podcasts are eligible for 0.1 ASHA continuing education units upon completion of coursework.

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