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Travel Allied Updated May 2, 2023

By Brook Jillings

Speech Therapy Tools and Resources You’ll Use on Any Job

SLP jobs are a critical part of the healthcare system because they offer support for patients with speech, swallowing or language impairments who may struggle to communicate effectively.

Thanks to SLP professionals, the quality of life for people with communication disorders, due to conditions like autism or resulting from traumatic brain injuries, increases dramatically.

Whether you work as a speech therapist in a permanent position or you're considering travel SLP jobs, here are five resources and tools you should use regularly.

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5 Tools and Resources That are Used on Most SLP Jobs

1. Laryngeal Videostroboscopy

Many SLP jobs require professionals to perform laryngeal video stroboscopy to identify whether the vocal folds of a patient are vibrating and functioning as they should. Using a fiber-optic instrument, a SLP records the vocal folds as the patient is asked to make a variety of sounds.

This lets the SLP see if there are any abnormalities on the vocal folds, such as masses, congenital abnormalities or trauma indicators, and ensure that the folds are closing and vibrating as they should.

2. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems

For some patients seen by SLPs, speech and language issues may prevent fluid communication. AAC systems are used in SLP jobs to provide other communication options.

These options can include entirely non-verbal systems, such as sign language and body language, or aided systems that require the use of a tool or device. Aided systems can be basic, like pen and paper, or there are high-tech options available.

The high-tech aided system used by Stephen Hawking involved advanced software that could translate his intended words using his cheek muscles, but there are simpler systems available that can create speech by touching pictures on a screen.

3. The American Speech-Language-hearing association (ASHA)ASHA.JPG

ASHA is an organization for all professionals who work with patients in need of assistance with speech, language or hearing.

ASHA's website provides a comprehensive library with articles on several relevant topics, provides continuing education opportunities and keeps SLPs up-to-date on the latest in industry trends.

The organization also offers a SLP certification that can give professionals an edge when applying for desired SLP jobs. Finally, ASHA offers resources to maintain professional ethics, aid in billing and reimbursement and explore cultural and linguistic diversity.

4. Speech Therapy Mobile Apps

With the advancement of mobile technology, a number of mobile apps have been developed to help with speech therapy efforts, particularly for young children.

If you're interested in SLP jobs that work with kids, these apps are a great resource to encourage your patients to continue their therapy at home. Articulation Station is an app that replaces traditional articulation cards and encourages users to practice the speech sounds that challenge them.

There are even assistive apps, such as Sono Flex, that offer the benefit of an AAC system without the heavy financial investment required for dedicated devices.

5. SLP Resource Websites

There are also a number of websites dedicated to providing speech therapists with printable tools and advice to support their efforts with patients. A few examples include:

Home Speech Home: This site offers several professional resources, such as lists with words, sentences and stories for speech therapy practice, activity suggestions to keep younger patients engaged, app suggestions for SLPs and their clients and forums where SLPs can network and share ideas.

Adelante! Bilingual Therapies Blog: This blog is dedicated to bilingual SLPs and highlights the efforts and unique challenges of professionals who take SLP jobs in bilingual communities. The site maintains a current list of internet resources for general and bilingual speech therapy.

SLP jobs require a multifaceted approach to help clients achieve the best results for their unique situations. Fortunately, there are many tools and resources available to support the professionals who dedicate their careers to helping others communicate.

By familiarizing yourself with the various supportive aids in this list, you can ensure you have the very best tools at your disposal to help improve your patients' quality of life.

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