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Blog January 12, 2022

Top Winter Destinations for Case Management Travel Nurses

One of the best parts of being a case management travel nurse is the location flexibility. How do you want to spend your winter assignment? Diving into the winter spirit, enjoying the cold and embracing coats and mittens? Or fleeing the cold and taking on a warm weather assignment?

You get to choose, thanks to a number of open assignments with AMN Healthcare. Below are the top winter destinations for case management and utilization review registered nurses (RNs).

Embrace the Winter in Washington State

This Pacific Northwest state is a nature-lover’s paradise. Case management travel nurses can take assignments in both rural and urban settings, at the facility of their choice. While not all areas of Washington receive snow, everyone certainly feels the low temperatures that come with winter, and can find plenty of indoor entertainment and cozy coffee shops to take off the chill. Washington has the best of both worlds – you can accept an assignment in an area where you don’t deal with the stress of snow, but can conveniently take day trips into the mountains to enjoy winter sports.

Find Big Opportunities in Texas

If you would rather avoid wearing multiple layers for three to six months, Texas is an easy warm weather option, beckoning visitors with a down-home charm and some of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Texas is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, which means that nurses in more than 30 compact states can work here without dealing with new nursing licenses. With such a large population, nursing job opportunities are plentiful, giving you a wide option of facilities and settings from which to choose.

beautiful beach

Choose California’s Enviable Climate

California has something for everyone, including a moderate climate, from the coast to the mountains and deserts, and everywhere in between. Outdoor lovers will enjoy exploring Tahoe National Forest, Sequoia National Forest and Yosemite in the High Sierras. There are water sports, rock climbing, hiking, and even skiing. For arts fans, California offers the country’s oldest professional ballet company, the San Francisco Ballet. Stay warm in California this winter (with the warmest spots in Southern California), enjoying the crisp air while on a vineyard tour or treating yourself to a weekend in Palm Springs.

Find Favorite Sites in Florida

This winter snowbird location is also part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, which will streamline your licensing and get you to work faster. Soak up vitamin D at one of Florida’s many great beaches, while enjoying water sports unavailable in most other areas of the country this time of year. From its world-renowned theme parks and nightlife to famous golf courses, restaurants and museums, it’s easy to see why Florida is a popular winter destination.

Ace Your Travel List in Arizona

Discover the Old West when you explore in Arizona. From the state’s awe-inspiring national parks, overflowing with red cliffs and canyons, to its indigenous cultures who made their homes in Arizona over 12,000 years ago, you will be consumed with the area’s terrain, history and activity. Conveniently, Arizona is home to some of the country’s top spas and resorts. Like California, this travel nurse hotspot offers the best of all worlds. You can find cold weather sports like skiing or snowshoeing at the higher elevations, or enjoy world-class hiking and mountain biking in picturesque Sedona. The state is also part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, making it quicker for nurses in other compact states to get placed in an assignment. It’s no secret why Arizona is one of the top destinations for travel nurses in the winter.

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