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Blog April 17, 2020

How Outsourcing Medical Billing Makes Your Facility More Productive

How Outsourcing Medical Billing Makes Your Facility More Productive


Has your healthcare facility been struggling to operate at an optimal level? Often billing is a major area affecting the productivity of healthcare facilities. There are many reasons why outsourcing medical billing can positively impact how your facility functions, affecting both your staff and patients. As you consider your options, here are some of the many reasons why outsourcing billing services can make your facility more productive:


Efficient processing. As one of the most underrated ways to improve efficiencies within your facility, outsourced billing can significantly speed up the reimbursement process and quickly identify errors that may slow down payments. Additionally, the software used by most billing companies will ensure that no coding mistakes or inaccurate information is submitted to insurance carriers. This results in fewer denials and claims that need additional information – alleviating your team from tedious backend work. By outsourcing services, you’ll proactively streamline your billing cycle so that all elements of the process are executed at the most efficient pace.


Cost savings. From a financial standpoint, outsourcing medical billing can save your facility hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. Having a revenue cycle management partner handle all your billing needs will save your facility from numerous expenses, including annual salaries, benefits, office supplies and computer software. This cost savings results in more money to spend on other much needed services or resources that can improve your facility, such as enhanced communications systems, advanced IT software or new employee training programs.


Improved patient experience. Often when revenue cycle management is completed internally, this can lead to major billing errors that become a major headache for patients. Rather than spending time and money handling billing in house, outsourcing these services will guarantee that all coding and billing is always completed with accuracy in a timely manner. By utilizing a trusted revenue cycle management partner, you’ll ensure billing is done correctly and that claims are submitted on time, ultimately enhancing the patient experience at your facility.


From greater efficiency to improved patient satisfaction, there’s no denying the many ways that outsourced billing can elevate your facility’s productivity. At AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions, we are continuously working to bring together people and technology to create the best outcomes for our clients. Get in touch and learn how we can improve your facility’s billing process!