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Surveys July 15, 2021

AMN Healthcare’s 2011 Survey of Registered Nurses: Job Satisfaction and Career Plans

2011 Survey of Registered Nurses: Job Satisfaction and Career Plans


This study explores the career plans, satisfaction levels and professional concerns of registered nurses (RNs). In the next one to three years a significant number of nurses will opt to seek employment outside of nursing, shift to part-time roles, retire or otherwise alter their career plans? As the economy continues to recover, what sort of turnover should health facilities expect among their nursing staff? Do nurses themselves perceive that there is a shortage of professionals in their field, and would they recommend nursing as a career to others?

AMN Healthcare conducted its 2011 Survey of Registered Nurses to answer these and related questions. The survey questions for the most part mirror those asked in the 2010 Survey of Registered Nurses. Data from that previous survey are compared to the 2011 data in this report. The 2011 survey offers a snapshot of current job satisfaction levels among nurses and indicates how the economic recovery may affect career plans. It suggests how nurses view current quality of nursing care, and whether nurses believe healthcare reform will help address the nursing shortage.

Survey results are offered as an information resource for healthcare industry leaders, policy makers, academics, staffing professionals, journalists and others who follow clinical staffing and supply trends.

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