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How Local Clinicians Can Secure Staffing Needs

Having a staff of local nurses and allied clinicians is like having a Swiss army knife: a tool to handle many different situations. Whether you need coverage for last-minute shift cancellations, census fluctuations, or other immediate demands, employing a pool of local clinicians can keep you covered. Rethink your staffing solutions by leveraging AMN Healthcare’s local nursing talent to handle any staffing needs, either planned or unplanned.

Local (Per Diem)

Local nurses and allied clinicians who work per diem are the perfect solution to filling in staffing gaps. AMN Healthcare always offers a consultative approach to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of health care facilities. With the unique care come results:

  • Utilizing AMN Healthcare’s Mobile App has helped book an additional one-thousand shifts per week.
  • Proudly, the fastest time to place a clinician using the app is twenty-two seconds!
  • Many health care facilities have seen as much as a forty-three percent of shifts filled within the first hour of posting.

Block Booking

Local nurses and allied clinicians can fulfill long-term staffing needs as well. Is there an upcoming project that will increase the demand for coverage, such as seasonal flu clinics or community vaccine hubs? Block booking (or “master booking”) is the ideal way to schedule for future shifts over several weeks or months, and the specific schedule can be finalized at a future date, leaving room for updates or changes. Block booking gives health care facilities the flexibility of consistent coverage utilizing local clinicians who already oriented, onboarded, and ready to hit the ground running. Local clinicians can be secured up to thirteen weeks at a time. AMN Healthcare also offers the option for health care facilities to set the number of days per week that they need local clinicians to relieve the core staff.

Float Pool / Flex Pool

Local clinicians are ready to work, highly trained and exceed the most rigorous hiring standards. As a strategic solution, these top-quality clinicians are ready to cover the open shifts when workflow increases or because of staffing shortages. AMN Healthcare partners with health care facilities to establish and maintain an “at the ready” local network of clinicians to ensure that the facilities’ talent pool has the right resources for a single shift or short-term coverage at any given time. AMN Healthcare can also provide data and guidance to the facilities to help bring more of the staffing in-house.

AMN Healthcare offers flexible, high-quality local clinician staffing solutions, as well as the expertise to help solve a wide range of talent needs beyond staffing to deliver the right customized solution for every client. AMN Healthcare prides itself on being an innovator in the per diem industry and offers comprehensive solutions from local “gig worker” clinicians to fill any staffing gaps. Our proven staffing expertise has made us the local nurse and allied staffing agency of choice for facilities nationwide.

Learn how we can help you improve the financial, operational, and clinical performance of your facility using local nurses and allied clinicians today!