MSP AMN Insights January 11, 2024

Two Proven Solutions to Find the Right Balance of Talent

Healthcare organizations need effective, proven ways to control contingent workforce costs in an ever-changing environment. How can you find the right balance of talent to meet care needs now and in the future?

The key to finding staff to fill immediate needs is combining approaches and broadly thinking of talent and how it affects the enterprise or system level. This perspective encompasses more roles in a healthcare system than might first come to mind. Leveraging workforce analytics and choosing to outsource the recruitment process can be beneficial to creating an appropriately staffed workforce.


 Leverage Operational Insights

Thoroughly analyzing data is necessary to determine exact areas of staff shortage, root causes, and potential solutions in healthcare.

Through analysis of your data, such as staffing plans and information from a Vendor Management System (VMS), our Workforce Analysis identifies areas of under- or over-staffing and provides guidance on optimal core staff levels at the unit level as well as size and layering of contingency/flexible resources needed to meet patient demand. This technology solution can help lower the usage of premium labor as well as: 


  • Identify actions toward realistic savings and opportunities for strategic realignment.
  • Optimize staff sizing and mix in alignment with census needs and financial goals.
  • Optimize revenue, margin, and costs by analyzing orders and worker performance.
  • Improve work-life balance, increasing staff retention.


Having the right mix of core and contingent resources allows for cost-effective workforce management based on patient volume and ensures quality by optimizing staff levels and empowering individuals to work at the top of their training and licensing.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO, helps organizations hire permanent positions quickly and efficiently while reducing costs and ensuring a good culture fit. We work alongside your internal recruiting and human resources teams, providing efficiency and flexibility to the recruitment process. Leveraging your strong brand in a seamless approach, we find the right talent for your organization and create a better overall candidate experience, which increases loyalty and retention.

We provide both traditional and performance based RPO models that result in:

  • Quicker candidate pre-screening, assessment, and engagement.
  • A reduction in days to fill.
  • Reduced dependency on premium labor and overtime.


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