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Blog COVID April 3, 2020

NATHO Code of Ethics in Turbulent Times

In the COVID-19 crisis, travel healthcare professionals are like smokejumpers who parachute into a fire zone to help stop the blaze and save lives. Travelers going to the frontlines to save lives in the pandemic are the true heroes today. We have never been prouder of our clinicians, many of whom are raising their hands and taking assignments or extensions at hospitals treating COVID-19 patients — even at risk to themselves. And no matter how difficult the situation may become, we know our professionals will remain dedicated to healing the sick throughout this pandemic.

It’s important for travel healthcare organizations to reaffirm to industry partners and clients our commitment to clinicians and the hospitals and other facilities where they are working. That’s why the National Organization of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO) is sharing its commitment as outlined in its Code of Ethics.

Please take a moment to read the NATHO Statement to Industry Partners and Clients.

NATHO members take the ethical obligations in their relationships with healthcare system clients and potential clients, and healthcare candidates and potential candidates, extremely seriously. The trustworthiness of clinician and client agreements are the foundation of our industry. In the turbulence of the weeks and months ahead, you can rely on NATHO members to remain grounded in our Code of Ethics.