AMN Passport November 16, 2023

AMN Joins the Modern CTO Podcast: How Can Technology Enhance the Clinician Experience?

This month, our Vice President of Digital Solutions, Liz Cunningham, had the opportunity to appear as a guest on the ModernCTO Podcast to discuss how the healthcare industry and more specifically, healthcare staffing, are adjusting to an increasingly digitized world—namely how platforms like AMN Passport are redefining the clinician experience.

As technology continues to rapidly permeate industries young and old, some are slower in adapting their approaches to catch up. Healthcare, in particular, remains a few years behind larger tech movements like ride sharing, food delivery, and even dating—all digitally innovated to connect people, whether with each other or a desired service.

While healthcare employers might just be scratching the surface of digital engagement with their employees, AMN Healthcare is surging forward as a pioneer in the healthcare staffing space—driving the modernization of a high-touch, highly emotional process into a best-in-class, digital-first experience through AMN Passport.

“In their day-to-day life, [clinicians] are not experiencing something seamless, so that’s what we have to do—make life more seamless for them,” Cunningham says. “We’re really focused on building a product our healthcare professionals will love.”

AMN Passport: Redefining the Clinician Experience

Contract clinicians are changing everything about their lives for 13 weeks at a time, sometimes even less. So, how can we make it easier for them to reach their destinations, hear from others, find the right opportunities, and securely store career information?

“It’s like doing a mortgage application every 13 weeks, so we’ve been trying to leverage AI to read, index, and verify documents to make the process easier for clinicians,” Cunningham says.

With the help of AI and other cutting-edge features, AMN Passport is solving the challenges of inefficient processes, mismatched opportunities, manual credentialing, lack of user-friendly platforms, and the need for a more connected and streamlined healthcare staffing ecosystem. It aims to transform healthcare staffing into a modern, technology-driven, and user-centric experience that benefits both clinicians and healthcare facilities.

Notably, there has been a 25% increase in clinicians submitting their credentials through AMN Passport, expediting their onboarding and placement. These achievements highlight the app's resonance and its crucial role in the healthcare industry.

Digitally Empowering Career Choice

Another key mission of AMN Passport lies in providing clinicians the power of choice. Through technology-driven expansion, the app provides a diverse range of opportunities that align with their aspirations. Healthcare professionals often seek a variety of assignments that align with their career goals and preferences, so their digital experience should match their ambitions.

“We just launched a pilot where we have integrated all different job types into one focused experience, where someone can pick up shifts easily while on a travel assignment, or look at perm jobs,” Cunningham says. “We want to expand the possibilities for these clinicians who are seeking more flexible opportunities, so they can find them all in one space.”

AMN Passport generates over 60 million new matches per week. The matching algorithm also shows the clinician what percentage-compliant they are with the job from a credentialing perspective to determine the likelihood they will receive a job offer. The clinician is able to automatically apply at their fingertips and send their resume to a client to review.

Progress Fueled by Feedback

AMN Passport was built and designed specifically for healthcare professionals with their ongoing input. Passport is a self-service application to allow clinicians to find and match to jobs, keep an updated profile, communicate with support teams 24/7, credential and manage assignments, enter time, and engage with other healthcare professionals.

In order to continuously improve the user experience on AMN Passport, “gaining clinician feedback is our number one priority,” Cunningham says.

That is why opportunities for engagement—with AMN Healthcare and peer-to-peer—are such a crux of the app’s identity. “We do monthly ‘Voice of the Customer’ programs where we solicit feedback from our users,” but the buck doesn’t stop there. “We also have a feature on our app where we have prompts and [clinicians] can share their experiences with each other.”

The present shows promise for healthcare’s adoption and utilization of technology—both for staffing and patient care. What can we expect to see in the healthcare of tomorrow?

“As we move forward, we're shaping a more connected healthcare ecosystem, where technology enriches patient care and enhances clinician experiences. Technology's true potential lies in its ability to amplify our humanity.”

Catch the full episode to learn more about the ways AMN Passport is Cultivating Synergistic Environments and Teamwork.

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