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    Welcome to the healthcare predictive analytics and scheduling software solution that combines workforce-demand forecasting with robust and customizable scheduling capabilities and business intelligence tools. AMN Healthcare and Avantas thoroughly analyze enterprise-wide staffing patterns, future scheduling needs, and current resources to create data-driven scheduling services supported by personalized, proactive account management.

    In many healthcare facilities, clinical and nurse staff scheduling is done on the fly, resulting in shortages and labor cost overruns. Since labor can account for 50-60 percent of a healthcare organization’s operating budget, these issues are considerable. Such challenges undermine quality of care, patient safety, and clinician satisfaction. What if predictive healthcare analytics could allow you to plan accurately for the next 120 days instead of planning only for the next shift?

    Centralized Resource Management and Healthcare Scheduling Software

    The science of healthcare workforce planning begins with predictive analytics. We gather an array of healthcare staffing intelligence ranging from historical census data to local weather trends to develop accurate patient volume forecasts. Such data enables:

    • • Identification of needs
    • • Enterprise-wide staff coordination
    • • Reduced labor costs
    • • Cost-effective open shift management

    Using demand forecasting, Smart Square®, AMN Healthcare and Avantas' system-wide healthcare scheduling software, helps create better, more accurate staffing plans sooner, employing multiple scheduling features that can be tailored to each organization's needs. With Smart Square®, schedules are determined by the particular historical trends, seasonal fluctuations, and other factors that influence your department or unit, not some generic statistical model.


    The result is 97% accurate forecasts of staffing outcomes 30 days in advance of the shift. Clinical scheduling software reduce the time managers and clinicians spend on staffing, and returns attention to caring for patients. In addition, Smart Square’s patented open-shift management protocol enables organizations to fill 75% of open shift hours more than two weeks ahead of the shift. Smart Square® is predictive modeling healthcare analytics in action.

    "Working with Avantas, we implemented best practices and redesigned our labor management strategy not only to achieve savings but to increase our staffing flexibility to meet fluctuating patient demand."

    Sherri Luchs, MHA, BSN
    Center for Enterprise Innovation, Penn State Hershey

    Healthcare Predictive Modeling Meets Innovative Workforce Solutions

    healthcare scheduling software

    Once an accurate staffing forecast is developed, the healthcare enterprise or individual unit/department can accurately predict its particular staffing needs. As the industry’s leading staffing partner, AMN Healthcare is the critical next component, fulfilling healthcare workforce needs with a comprehensive network of healthcare professionals and innovative workforce solutions such as Managed Services Programs (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

    Predictive Analytics Survey: Scheduling & Staffing Solution Unknown to Those Who Need It Most

    Predictive Analytics in Healthcare 2016 Cover Image

    Severe shortages of healthcare professionals are being felt at the unit-level of care facilities, where difficulties in scheduling and staffing of registered nurses are chronic problems.

    Predictive Analytics in Healthcare 2016: Optimizing Nurse Staffing in an Era of Workforce Shortages analyzes the growing challenges in scheduling and staffing of registered nurses through a survey of nurse managers, as well as interviews with nurse managers, finance managers, and registered nurses. It also examines the state of knowledge about predictive analytics in patient care facilities.

    Key findings include that large majorities of nurse managers believe scheduling and staffing problems are harming staff morale and patient satisfaction. Nearly all say that advanced scheduling technology that can accurately forecast patient demand and staffing needs would be helpful. But 80% did not know that such technology-enabled solutions are available.

    Read the complete Predictive Analytics in Healthcare 2016 survey.

    Take a look at how AMN Healthcare predictive analytics and scheduling software solution can improve staffing efficiency, patient outcomes and clinician satisfaction.

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