Emerging Roles in Healthcare 2014

November 17, 2014

Emerging Roles ReportIn the current era of healthcare transformation, most of the news and public discourse focuses on the politics, benefits, challenges and costs of healthcare reform. But one of the biggest areas of change involves the healthcare workforce, where employment is growing and work roles are evolving due to barrage of pressures, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA), an improving economy, clinician shortages and retirements, an aging population needing more and different kinds of care, market and regulatory pressures to contain costs while improving quality, and new models of person-centered care.

Such powerful changes in our healthcare system can only be realized through the workforce, a component so dominant that it expends more than half the budget of nearly every healthcare enterprise. Three major objectives are driving change in healthcare: Improving quality, containing costs and expanding coverage. The roles of healthcare workers must evolve for our national healthcare system to achieve these objectives.

In fact, that's exactly what's happening. Healthcare employment ads today include many jobs that didn't exist only a few years ago. Emerging Roles in Healthcare 2014 provides information, gleaned from survey of more than 300 human resources and clinical operational leaders in hospitals and health systems, about trends in hiring and training new and emerging healthcare positions.

This report includes:

  • The new jobs emerging from the healthcare transformation and what others are doing to prepare
  • Quantitative data on planning, recruitment, training and organizational readiness for specific new and emerging staff positions
  • Qualitative information on individual leaders' goals and objectives for the development of the new healthcare workforce

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