• AMN Healthcare Education Solutions delivers professional development and education solutions to support the growth of the healthcare professionals, clients and patients we serve. The offerings include education and training opportunities, leadership development, recruitment, retention and loyalty programs, as well as professional consultation and support across the AMN enterprise for clients and healthcare professionals.

    Education Solutions Services

    Partnering with AMN Healthcare Education Solutions provides the following opportunities to your staff:

    Lead for the Future

    • The CNO Academy is a three-day intimate and interactive executive nurse leadership immersion. Attendees gain actionable insights to help solve the unique challenges facing today’s nurse executives, proven strategies which they can implement and measure within their organization, and access to a professional network for ongoing guidance and support.

      CNO Academy I
      Ideal for new or aspiring CNOs, this event helps build the skills and support network needed to facilitate a smooth transition into a leadership position.
      Dates and Locations: October 10-13, 2021 in Dallas, TX and March 23-26, 2022 in San Antonio, TX

      The Executive Nurse Retreat
      For experienced CNOs, this program takes their leadership skills to the next level so they can help lead our industry through complex changes and challenges.
      Dates and Locations: March 26-29, 2022 in San Antonio, TX
    • Complimentary Leadership Webinars which promote the continued personal and professional development of leaders in healthcare. Featuring expert speakers from the healthcare industry, these webinars are designed to provide actionable insights to use in your organization right away.

    Professional Excellence

    • AMN is a proud partner of various international and national recognition programs like The Nightingale Challenge, Allied Achiever and The DAISY® Award. By partnering with AMN, healthcare professionals receive on-going recognition for the clinical excellence and compassion they provide to patients and families.

    Lifelong Learning

    • AMN understands the importance of continuing education for healthcare professionals to stay current with evidence-based inter-professional knowledge and is dedicated to providing their staff with the highest quality, accredited continuing education through RN.com, The Learning Center at AMN and The Doctor’s Company.
    • To support a healthy work environment, Aspire from AMN Healthcare® was created which is a career advancement program specifically for travel nurses to provide peer mentorship and financial support for professional membership, professional certification and conference attendance.

    New Experiences

    • AMN partners with various renowned universities across the nation to offer their healthcare professionals the ability to expand their knowledge and skills for professional and personal growth through online degrees.
    • The AMN Virtual Orientation program offers a centralized and standardized general orientation which supports productivity and clinician mobility. It can increase educator bandwidth by reducing time spent in developing, coordinating and facilitating orientation as well as enhance healthcare professional engagement and retention.
    • AMN joined Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation as a Champions sponsor to improve the health of nurses but also the nation’s health through raising the quality of care delivered by nurses.

    Contact us directly at educationsolutions@amnhealthcare.com or request more information here.


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    PDF-icon40x40   AMN Healthcare Education Solutions Programs
    Delivering Continuing Education programs and Competency Models, AMN Healthcare Education Solutions is here to build a healthcare workforce that is prepared to face challenges, today and for the future.  

    PDF-icon40x40   AMN Healthcare Education Solutions - CNO Academy
    The CNO Academy will provide you with insight through professional experience and knowledge from our mentors that will help you work through the daily challenges faced as a nurse executive.

    Healthcare Professional Development Meets Innovative
    Workforce Solutions

    As a reliable healthcare partner, AMN Healthcare fulfills healthcare workforce needs with a comprehensive network of healthcare professionals and innovative workforce solutions such as Managed Services Programs (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

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