Locum Tenens
What is Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens, Latin for “to take the place of” is a different way of working for physicians, advanced practitioners, and dentists who want to work in a variety of settings. Locum tenens fill in for staff clinicians who are away on vacation or training, or during high-needs times such as flu season.

Clinicians have the flexibility to select short- or long-term assignments, including shift work and roles that last up to a year, while receiving unwavering support from recruiters who assist with licensing, credentialing, housing, travel, and other critical aspects of their job.

With whom will I be working while on locum tenens assignments?

The physician recruiting and staffing professionals at AMN Healthcare provide hands-on assistance in developing competitive incentive packages, outlining candidate sourcing strategies, and screening and interviewing candidates, making sure that both our staffing clients and job seeker candidates are satisfied. With unmatched resources, we are a leading choice for physician and advanced practice job searches.

What kind of benefits come with locum tenens jobs?

Locum tenens jobs at AMN Healthcare come with a great list of benefits, including malpractice insurance, full licensing and credentialing assistance, prearranged and paid for travel and accommodations to your assignment location, and much more. To learn more about benefits, connect with a recruiter today.

How can AMN help me with my physician job search?

At AMN Healthcare, our team of physician recruiting and staffing experts provide personalized assistance in crafting competitive incentive packages, creating candidate sourcing strategies, and conducting thorough candidate screening and interviews.

We prioritize the satisfaction of both our staffing clients and job seekers, and with unparalleled resources, we are the top choice for physician and advanced practice job searches.

Who pays the fees for the physician job search?

All fees and expenses are paid for by the recruiting party, never by the physician candidate.

What kind of benefits come with your physician jobs?

The healthcare providers we partner with offer various benefits for our physicians and advanced practice candidates. Job searches may include student loan forgiveness, sign-on bonuses, as well as full insurance, and 401k options.

AMN Process
Why choose AMN Healthcare?

AMN Healthcare provides a comprehensive, permanent physician search service that specializes in securing top physicians and advanced practitioners for healthcare positions throughout the United States.

With a sole focus on healthcare recruitment and physician job search, we have developed a methodology that ensures the placement of the most qualified clinicians and physician leaders across all healthcare delivery systems.

What are the benefits of working with AMN Healthcare?
  1. Our physician recruiter services provide a consultative approach that emphasizes assistance and advice, rather than pressure.
  2. We offer consultation on the nationwide demand for specific physician specialties, as well as current employment incentive packages and compensation structures.
  3. We also provide detailed practice opportunity introductions, tailored to personal, on-site practice profiles.
  4. Our services include follow-up to ensure a smooth transition to a new practice.

Are You Looking for a Physician Job? 

AMN Healthcare offers nationwide physician positions across the spectrum of settings and specialties. Start your physician career job search here.