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6 Soft Skills for Success in Acute Settings

Like in all healthcare settings, it is imperative that clinicians working in acute care possess advanced technical qualifications and training to be successful in treating patients. However, technical skills are not the only ingredients comprised in a complete clinician—the acute care clinicians who seek to reach the top of their profession must also harness certain intangible traits to help them navigate their challenging field of work. Facilities are always on the lookout for these intangibles when looking at potential candidates, so we’ve compiled 8 of the top “soft skills” that can help set acute care clinicians up for success.

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1.  Teamwork

In most professions, the common denominator in success lies in teamwork. This is even more prevalent in acute care, as cohesiveness and collaboration are crucial to providing top-level care to patients in urgent need. Acute patients have short-term, often more severe needs, without the benefit of a longer timeline for treatment. To address each patient effectively, members of an acute care team must work seamlessly as one unit to ensure the best results possible. 

2.  Communication

Working hand-in-hand with teamwork, communication brings a team together—helping maximize treatment effectiveness and minimize errors. In acute care settings, the efficient treatment of urgent issues requires every team member to be on the same page so that each patient sees an equally successful treatment experience. 

3.  Adaptability

Without the benefit of long-term treatment, Acute care clinicians must be ready for a wide variety of urgent diagnoses and issues encountered when treating multiple patients day-to-day. Team members must be ready to address each unique issue on the fly, without compromising treatment effectiveness. When things don’t go according to plan, clinicians must be flexible and pivot to alternative courses of action.

4.  Work Ethic

It almost goes without saying, but work ethic is a major key to success in an acute care setting. Work ethic goes beyond showing up every day ready to put in hard work for each patient who needs treatment. Acute care clinicians also need to show a willingness to learn on the job and strive for continuous improvement at their craft. To truly reach the top of their field, clinicians should seek out feedback and use the resources at their disposal to become masters at what they do. This will help them provide the best possible care to their patients and instill confidence in themselves as they progress in their careers. 

5.  Organization

While working in an acute care facility, it is imperative for clinicians to be adept at time management and have keen attention to detail. With many patients visiting on a daily basis, clinicians need to know how much time to dedicate to each individual situation, while ensuring each is met with thorough treatment. The quality of care should not suffer from the number of patients seeking it, making the smaller details integral in the treatment process. 

6.  Poise Under Pressure

Much like adaptability, having poise in high-pressure situations is a skill that must be showcased every day in an acute care setting. With multiple patients seeking care for urgent issues, clinicians need to maintain a cool head when guiding them through treatment. Patients want to feel safe and in capable hands when they enter a facility for treatment—and though there will certainly be high-pressure situations, clinicians should approach each diagnosis with sensitivity and tact.

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