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Travel Allied December 2, 2018

By Sarah Stasik

Respiratory Therapist Travel Jobs: Flu Season is Coming Fast

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that influenza activity in the United States tends to increase in October and November before reaching peak levels in the winter months. As healthcare organizations across the country prepare to battle flu each season, respiratory therapists' travel job opportunities increase.

Find out more about the impact of flu season on respiratory therapy jobs, and then visit AMN to discover jobs in states you're licensed to practice in.

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Respiratory Therapist Travel Job Growth During Flu Season

Since 2010, the CDC estimates that between 9.3 million and 49 million people each year fell ill with flu. The range on that statistic is so wide because the CDC can only track reported cases of the flu, and not everyone seeks medical treatment. Still, enough people do flock to doctor's offices, clinics and hospitals to put a strain on local healthcare systems, which is why organizations open respiratory therapist travel jobs.

These assignments, which may be seasonal in nature, let hospitals and clinics bring in qualified professionals to address the expected increase in patient needs. For the respiratory therapist, that means an increase in choices when it comes to where to work. You may be able to cross off a bucket list location or work with a new population for expanded professional experience.

Populations and Locations With The Most Need

Rural areas where many people don't have easy access to healthcare are a common location for travel professionals in the allied field to work. Organizations often hire professionals from outside of these areas because there aren't enough qualified providers nearby; that trend is likely to increase as rural areas experience flu outbreaks.

Respiratory therapist travel jobs often tend to involve working with the patient populations hit hardest by flu season. That includes the elderly, children and individuals with compromised immune systems or existing respiratory issues, such as COPD, which can be complicated by influenza.

You might find yourself working with pediatric patients or serving geriatric populations, where the risks of influenza complications — including death — are highest. The CDC notes that among elderly patients, death related to the flu can often be contributed to a secondary complication such as bacterial pneumonia, making respiratory treatment essential for protecting these at-risk patients as much as possible.

If you're looking for a change in your career, respiratory therapist travel jobs may offer a solution. And applying at the beginning of flu season lets you pick from numerous assignments and get set up in your new position before the number of flu cases peaks.

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