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Blog October 7, 2019

Benefits of Having the CTR Credential

Are you interested in entering the cancer registry field? Becoming a certified cancer registrar (CTR) can be one of the most impactful decisions you make for your career, allowing you to assist cancer programs across the country.

While being a CTR comes with great responsibility, you’ll have a chance to make a difference in the trajectory of cancer care and ultimately help cancer patients battle the disease through the power of information.

Here are some of the ways in which earning the CTR credential can have transformative effects for your career: 

Expanded knowledge base. 

In addition to having education and experience in the cancer registry field, to become a CTR you must undergo an intensive exam covering all domains of the practice – including case finding; data quality assurance; abstracting; analysis and data usage; and cancer program accreditations. Preparing for this exam through training and professional development programs ensures you’ll be well equipped to successfully perform all parts of a cancer registrar position. Most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence to excel in this high-tech profession and achieve your greatest potential in the field. 

Career advancement. 

By having the CTR credential on your resume, you’ll position yourself for accelerated advancement in the healthcare field – improving your earning potential and increasing job mobility in the competitive marketplace. As you progress professionally, you’ll have opportunities to work in a variety of healthcare environments, including central and state cancer registries; government agencies; pharmaceutical companies; and insurance agencies (among others). With the CTR credential, you’ll make yourself marketable among all sorts of healthcare employers as you seek to increase your salary and land more advanced employment opportunities. 

Making a positive impact. 

As a CTR, you’ll play a critical role in changing the face of cancer care. From diagnosis to treatment options, you’ll be compiling and generating critical data and information for providers used to determine the trajectory of care provided to cancer patients. Through your work, you’ll provide an invaluable service to researchers and physicians in all medical specialties, helping them formulate the best cancer treatment plans and achieve the most favorable outcomes for their patients.  


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