Susan Salka headshot
News News June 2, 2020

A Message from CEO Susan Salka: Standing Together Against Racism and Injustice

Like so many Americans, the entire team at AMN Healthcare is feeling frustration and pain over the injustice and violence that continues to tear at the hearts of our communities. Sometimes, we think we’ve made progress, and then we are sorely shown how far we still need to go. That’s where we are today – feeling our trust betrayed, fearful, angry, yet resolute in our commitment to create change.

We have much work to do as a nation -- it will take all of us to end racism in America. AMN Healthcare is dedicated to being a force for social justice. We have embraced the knowledge that for our families, communities, and organization to survive and thrive, we must help build a society where equality is the norm and equity is embraced, where inclusion is universal, and where diversity is celebrated everywhere. Today, we know it is essential to more vocally add our commitment to justice.

Justice is fundamental to the AMN Healthcare core values of trust and respect and to the culture of our company. We must all stand together against injustice, discrimination, and hate.