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News News September 4, 2013

Job Satisfaction for Nurses Helps Enhance Patient Outcomes

When nurses enjoy their jobs and intend to stay in their positions long term, it can translate to improved patient outcomes, according to findings from NDNQI™, a quality improvement program of the American Nurses Association.

“NDNQI™ data show that positive patient outcomes are strongly tied to nurse satisfaction,” says Marla J. Weston, PhD, RN, FAAN, chief executive officer of American Nurses Association.  “For example, during a two-year time span, our RN survey data revealed that a 25 percent increase in job enjoyment, and a 29 percent increase in intent to stay, associated with an overall quality of care increase of 5-20 percent.”

NDNQI™ data also showed that injury falls rate decreased by 17 percent in four years, hospital-acquired pressure ulcer rate decreased by 24-59 percent in two years, and infection rates decreased by 87 percent in two years. The ranges are reflective of the differences among nursing units and why reporting at the nursing unit level matters.

NDNQI™ tracks up to 18 nursing-sensitive quality measures, providing actionable insights based on structure, process, and outcome data. For more information, visit

About NDNQI™
NDNQI™ is a quality improvement solution of the American Nurses Association. Used by 2,000 hospitals nationwide, it is the largest provider of unit-level performance data to hospitals. For more information, visit

Source: American Nurses Association