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Join a Qualified Team of Interpreters Committed to Better Patient Care

Are you a medically qualified interpreter in search of new, rewarding career opportunities? One of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the interpreting team that you will be joining. As an interpreter committed to continued education, it is advantageous to work in a company where team members are held to high standards and undergo ongoing training for best practices.

To ensure that our interpreters are prepared to provide quality communication assistance for patients, we have implemented a stringent list of minimum requirements and qualifications, including three to five years of community / medical interpreting experience, meeting all Joint Commission interpreter qualification requirements and remaining in compliance with the Affordable Care Act Section 1557. See a list of our interpreter qualifications here.

Interpreters learn essential career development skills in ongoing training and from one another, such as shorthand notetaking tactics to improve accuracy and fluidness of a session. At AMN Healthcare Language Services, our interpreters thrive from a supportive workforce culture that encourages team members to lift one another up for success.

The incredible quality of the work that the team delivers is demonstrated in overwhelmingly positive customer survey reviews of the Interpreter Quality category in our Video Remote Interpreting application from a vast number of facilities across the United States. In addition to the high star ratings, our team consistently receives beaming commendations from customers sharing positive experiences patients and healthcare staff had using our Language Services and the positive impact the interpreter made on the patient provider experience.

Our Language Operations Managers are interpreters themselves, understand the demands of the profession and provide insightful guidance for success. Some of our interpreters are recognized as subject matter experts in both the language services and healthcare industries, are interpreter association board members and present educational topics at interpreter education sessions hosted by organizations like the International Medical Interpreter Association.

Benefits of joining our interpreting team are further demonstrated in recent rankings and awards we received including our:

  • No. 3 Ranking in the 2021 Nimdzi Interpreting Index. Nimdzi provided its yearly report of the size and state of the global interpreting market as well as a ranking of the top 35 companies. Our top ranking demonstrates our capacity to positively impact Limited English Proficient, Deaf and Hard of Hearing patient outcome on a wide scale while offering a broad spectrum of opportunity to our interpreters. Encounters include anything from a mental health session to a post-surgery follow up consult and serve a wide variety of healthcare organizations.
  • Group President & Chief Operating Officer of Strategic Talent Solutions, Kelly Rakowski’s, receipt of the 2021 Inclusive Leadership Award from the National Diversity Council. The award honors executives and innovative leaders in all industries for their passion to build effective systems by demonstrating “fairness, empathy, and integrity through inclusive leadership practices that embrace the differences of team members while boosting innovation and impacting bottom-line success.” The receipt of this award demonstrates our leader’s dedication to a shared company vision of diversity, equality, and inclusion at all levels of the company as the foundation of our service.

Reviewing the awards a company has achieved and learning about the culture they support can help determine if the environment is right for you. View additional AMN Healthcare awards and recognitions here.

Join a team of qualified, diverse interpreters that specialize in healthcare interpreting. Enjoy the benefits of working for a company that prioritizes inclusion with a large enough presence to give you exposure to a wide spectrum of healthcare facilities and encounters.

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