Blog April 23, 2020

By AMN Healthcare

Introducing Integrated Talent Solutions

from AMN Healthcare + Randstad

Staffing a healthcare facility with the right talent at the right time, even prior to COVID-19, has been a complex undertaking for healthcare organizations. Some of the challenges with finding and managing talent, however, are compounded by the manner in which they go about it.

The limitations of traditional staffing models

Most healthcare providers are primarily focused on clinical hiring. Strategies are often built and executed in silos at the departmental level, with multiple sources and agencies used to find talent. This means hiring managers are fielding multiple calls and emails from multiple staffing agencies. Technology is typically relegated to after-the-fact reporting, and is rarely used to help proactively determine the volume and type of talent needed.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to disrupt the status quo.

Introducing total talent management for healthcare

AMN Healthcare and Randstad have partnered to deliver the first comprehensive total workforce solution for healthcare that addresses the entire workforce – direct patient care, allied services, and professional and technical support roles. 

AMN Healthcare and Randstad’s Integrated Talent Solutions provide simplified and streamlined technology-enabled services to help healthcare organizations reduce the burden of complex talent strategies, now and in the future. By combining our unmatched expertise in clinical staffing with Randstad’s vast non-clinical human resources solutions, the offering delivers programs that improve efficiencies and standardize processes across the healthcare system to provide quality care and higher value.

The first phase of this partnership is the Open Talent Marketplace for Healthcare, a key element in providing state coalitions, federal agencies and systems with rapid access to talent. Open Talent Marketplace enables centralized procurement and management of both clinical and non-clinical staff, increasing access to qualified talent and filling positions faster. Back office tasks are centralized and streamlined.

Enterprise scale, localized care

Together, we have the scale to deliver an enterprise-wide program that improves efficiencies and standardizes processes across a health system, providing the transparency needed to manage an entire workforce.

With our shared commitment to quality, we never lose sight of the fact that great patient care is delivered locally. Our combined scope means we have direct experience providing talent in communities across the nation, and can partner with healthcare organizations of all types to deliver rapid, comprehensive solutions.