Mani Masood, Senior Director, Information and Cyber Security

Mani Masood

Mani Masood is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and technology. Currently, he serves as the Senior Director of Information and Cyber Security at AMN Healthcare, leading edge, application, and cloud security teams. Throughout his career, Mr. Masood has directed and secured over $200 million in IT assets and projects. He firmly believes that cybersecurity should be integral to any technology strategy and enterprise architecture.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. Masood is a lifelong learner who values continuous improvement and is committed to contributing to the collective body of knowledge. He has participated in the IBM Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing Lab in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mr. Masood holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Houston and a Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard University. He is Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Zero Trust Certified Architect (ZTCA), Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Scrum Master (ASM), and ITIL Strategist.

Mr. Masood is a firm believer in human-centric computing, cybersecurity, and STEM education for children. He is a member of the NY Academy of Science and the Johnson Space Center education program. He also supports and contributes to the MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Houston Food Bank.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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