Julie Purinton, Division President, Travel Nurse

Julie Purinton

Julie Purinton serves as the Division President for AMN Healthcare’s Travel Nurse Division and has oversight of the Account Management, Recruitment, and Nurse Strategic Initiatives teams. She brings 20 years of leadership experience and previously worked at Jenny Craig as an Area Market Director.

In Ms. Purinton’s 16 years with AMN Healthcare, she has succeeded in directing sales operations and implementing sales strategies that increase revenue and elevate teams. She enjoys supporting team members in reaching their personal and professional goals and leading a team of passionate leaders.

Ms. Purinton is actively involved and on the Board of the Alzheimer’s Association San Diego/Imperial chapter and serves as the Executive Sponsor for AMN. Ms. Purinton studied Organizational Leadership.

Explore Your Next Travel Nurse Adventure

Pursue your passion in nursing and explore the United States while enjoying terms that accommodate you and your family. With AMN Healthcare, you can embark on a journey that not only fulfills your career aspirations but also allows you to experience the diverse landscapes and cultures the nation has to offer.

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