Ep. 02 | Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare with Robin Famanfarmaian

October 3, 2023

Step into the world of cutting-edge healthcare as we explore the incredible impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the enlightening podcast with Robin Famanfarmaian, professional speaker and healthcare entrepreneur. Join us on a journey through the revolutionary ways AI is shaping the medical landscape, from streamlining the patient care process to technology advancing. AI is not just the future of healthcare; it’s the present. This discussion shows how it’s changing the way we health and care for patients worldwide.


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(0:20) Robin’s Story

(4:44) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explained

(7:07) Diagnosis Advancements

(8:17) Developments on the Horizon

(11:23) Amazon’s Footprint in Healthcare

(14:44) Generations in Healthcare

(16:27) Data Tracking

(18:42) Future of Home Health 

(24:00) Technology Advancements

(26:36) Role of Corporations

(30:00) Evolution of Hospitals

(34:07) Predictions of the Insurance Industry

(36:06) Mark Cuban’s Initiatives

(38:03) Final Remarks

About The Guest

Robin Famanfarmaian, a professional Speaker and healthcare entrepreneur. She’s driven high-level business development for cutting-edge medical and biotech companies. She educates audiences on technology, the future of healthcare, patient empowerment, building thought leadership, and more. She is the author of four books, including How AI Can democratize Healthcare.

Website: https://www.robinff.com/

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