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    Quick, Reliable Locum Tenens Physician Staffing

    Staffing shortages can be costly to your organization, leading to lost revenue and delays in treatment, long waiting times and even physician burnout. Locum tenens physicians can step into the breach during staffing gaps created by vacancies, vacations and periods of high demand.

    Cost-Effective Locum Tenens Solutions from the Healthcare Staffing Leader

    Locum Tenens Physician_1Maintain the highest level of patient care while avoiding costly shortages by choosing the right locum tenens partner. AMN Healthcare companies offer locum tenens physician staffing consultation, strict candidate screening services, and the largest pool of temporary physicians to fill gaps of a few days to up to a year.

    AMN Healthcare calls upon 30 years of experience as the healthcare staffing innovator of choice for thousands of hospitals, clinics, medical centers, government facilities and other healthcare organizations across the United States. We take our clients’ need for high quality locum tenens and temporary physicians seriously, offering medical facilities cost-effective staffing solutions.

    AMN Healthcare works with three companies that offer reputable, personal staffing solutions in a wide variety of medical specialties:

    • Staff Care® has two decades of experience in physician staffing and recruitment, with a talented and passionate team to help healthcare enterprises manage patient care while meeting their financial goals. Visit www.staffcare.com or call
      (800) 685-2272
    • Locum LeadersTM matches qualified physicians to interim assignments at healthcare facilities nationwide. Visit www.locumleaders.com or call (877) 562-8656


    Enhanced Physician Mobility Gives AMN Clients Greater Locum Tenens Options

    AMN Healthcare is at the forefront of promoting physician mobility and has implemented an innovative approach to Locum Tenens – one that better supports our clients by providing the best talent and also maximizes a provider’s career opportunities. Our new process reduces the amount of time AMN physicians must wait to reapply at a facility where they’ve previously worked as a temporary provider with the assistance of AMN or been presented to the client by AMN. The change cuts the wait time from 24 months to six months.

    ProCertify CVO: NCQA-Certified Credentials Verification

    ProCertify CVO is AMN Healthcare’s credentialing and licensing service for physician and advanced practice professionals. Designed to save you time, ProCertify CVO ensures your healthcare professionals meet the industry’s highest-quality standards.

    ProCertify CVO is a thorough, proven process, backed by AMN Healthcare, the nation’s leading healthcare workforce staffing and management solutions provider, and certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Learn more about ProCertify CVO.

    Physician Staffing Services Meets Innovative Workforce Solutions

    As the industry’s leading staffing partner, AMN Healthcare is the critical next component, fulfilling healthcare workforce needs with a comprehensive network of healthcare professionals and innovative workforce solutions such as Managed Services Programs (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

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