Predictive Analytics in Healthcare 2016 Survey

November 9, 2016

Healthcare Predictive Analytics Survey CoverPredictive Analytics in Healthcare 2016: Optimizing Nurse Staffing in an Era of Workforce Shortages analyzes the growing challenges in scheduling and staffing of registered nurses due to nurse shortages, and examines the state of knowledge about predictive analytics in healthcare workforce scheduling and staffing.

The survey was developed by AMN Healthcare and Avantas. It found that accurate forecasting of future patient demand and workforce needs would be very valuable in solving nurse scheduling and staffing problems. But, most clinical managers at hospitals and other healthcare facilities are not aware that such technology-enabled solutions are available to them.

Among the survey findings:

  • 94% of nurse managers say that understaffing caused by scheduling and staffing problems hurts staff morale
  • Nearly 70% say they are very concerned about the impact on patient satisfaction, while more than half say they are very concerned about the effect on quality of care
  • With shortages of nurses growing, predictive analytics aligned with advanced labor management represent a solution to nurse scheduling and staffing problems that is largely unknown to nurse managers