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Whether you're enticed by the dazzling lights of the Big Apple, the allure of skiing in the Adirondacks, or the beauty of a fall hike in the Catskills, New York offers a postcard-perfect experience. For registered nurses, this diverse state presents the opportunity to work in leading hospitals while discovering the myriad attractions it has to offer. Let us assist you in uncovering a fulfilling travel nurse position in New York, one that not only nurtures your professional growth but also enriches your personal experiences.

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Discover Thrilling Travel Nursing Opportunities in New York

Whether you're seeking snowy adventures, serene lakeside cabin getaways, or iconic moments captured in Times Square, New York offers enduring experiences. From the vibrant heart of the Big Apple, where you can stand in awe of iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the bright lights of Broadway, to the diverse corners of the state.


Dive into the depths of St. Lawrence for scuba adventures, explore the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, traverse over 2,000 miles of scenic trails, and savor visits to award-winning craft breweries and wineries. The abundant rewards of a travel nurse job in New York await—take the first step with an AMN Healthcare recruiter today.

AMN Healthcare Benefits:

Beyond Just Compensation

While competitive travel nurse salaries in New York may attract many RNs, AMN Healthcare travel nurses enjoy an array of additional advantages. Embarking on a temporary nursing assignment in New York not only offers the appeal of enhanced financial rewards but also provides invaluable clinical exposure at some of the nation's top-ranked hospitals. Securing an assignment at these prestigious healthcare institutions grants you the opportunity to gain insights into patient care from some of the country's leading healthcare professionals.


Our benefits encompass complimentary continuing education, ensuring your skills remain sharp, and round-the-clock clinical support, should you encounter any concerns during your assignment. Moreover, we facilitate your relocation process by offering comfortable, fully-furnished accommodations, allowing you to spend less time setting up your home and more time exploring the exciting surroundings. 

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What's the Travel Nurse Compensation in New York?

Up to $4,490/week

In New York, registered nurses typically receive competitive compensation, with an average annual salary of $83,450, equivalent to approximately $1,605 per week. This surpasses the national average by around $10,000. For permanent nurses in New York City and the surrounding areas, salaries tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum, averaging around $96,000 per year.


Travel nurse salaries in New York are equally attractive. Depending on factors such as certification, years of experience, and location, a travel nurse in New York can earn up to $3,928 per week depending on their nursing specialty. With a 13-week travel assignment, this translates to an earning potential of up to $51,064, and this figure doesn't even include additional benefits like health benefits, a 401k retirement plan, and various other perks.

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