Advancing Health Equity AMN Healthcare Interpreter Training

AMN’s Oregon-approved training program is a robust program designed to meet the unique needs of professional healthcare interpreters. It provides learners with a solid, yet practical understanding of the interpreting profession in the medical environment.

Number of Training Hours

75 hrs

Complete 75 hours of instructional training through our interpreter program. From anatomy to terminology, to national standards and applicable laws. 

52 hrs

52 hours of instruction on Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Introductory Healthcare Interpreter Concepts.

8 hrs

8 hours of instruction on National Standards of Practice NCIHC and applicable laws.



Attendance Requirements
  • Daily schedule will be from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time.
  • You are required to attend the entire training program to pass.

No exceptions** We encourage you to plan ahead to ensure you will be available for the entire two week session.


  • Class is online via Zoom.
  • Stable internet connection, headset, microphone, and camera are required.


  • $950 is due after pre-requisites have been confirmed.


  • Trainees are at least 18 years old
  • High school diploma, GED, or in-country equivalent.
  • Provide proof of proficiency in English and non-English language


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Program Objectives

Engagement and Collaboration

You will acquire an advanced understanding of human anatomy and physiology through engagement and collaboration.

Target Language Knowledge

Utilize the terms provided to expand on target language knowledge and equivalence in the medical field.

Interpreting Process

Engage in practicing conceptually accurate interpreting process, given solid standard profession theories for listening, discourse analysis, target language conversion, and note-taking strategies.

Ethics Discussion

Engage in elevated ethics discussion through the basic application of an outcome-based ethical decision-making framework, called Demand-Control schema.

Instructor’s Qualifications:

Carlos Sanchez,


Carlos has been a Spanish Interpreter for over 10 years and currently holds a position as the Training Manager in the Training and Development department. He is responsible for supporting the training team in the areas of training and training facilitation. Carlos is also the founder and general manager of a small English academy, where he oversees all departments and resolves typical operational issues using his problem-solving skills. Before this, Carlos obtained a nursing degree from UACJ. He then went on to work as an ER nurse in Mexico’s public healthcare system known as IMSS. One of Carlos’s recent accomplishments has been keeping his small business running and adapting to unexpected changes brought on by the COVID 19 global pandemic. His core values are based on faith, compassion, contribution, and kindness—all of which strengthen his philosophy that people come first and are at the forefront of any personal or business interaction.

Karen Alvarez


Karen is a talented bilingual Spanish / English interpreter with over ten years of phone and video interpreting experience. She also had the opportunity to mentor and train fellow interpreter colleagues and support in the areas of Quality Assurance and Training Development for over five years. She joined the AMN family in 2018 as an interpreter, before earning a promotion to Training Specialist and most recently, Senior Training Specialist. She thrives on helping others with challenges and ambitious goals. Her educational background is in Physical Therapy, Early Stimulation, and Early Stage Development. Her knowledge in the medical field has allowed her to quickly adapt to the ever-changing encounters faced by medical interpreters. Her side passions are photography and baking. She is a self-taught, expert baker, educated by watching and practicing tutorials on YouTube, which allowed her to fulfill her dream of becoming a small business owner. Other than baking, she loves learning, and is currently learning Portuguese as her third, but certainly not last language. Her mottos are, “everything is on YouTube!” and "If you put your mind to it you can do it!"

Lorena Castillo

CMI-Spanish, CHI-Spanish, Credentialed Master Instructional Designer

Lorena Castillo is a dual-nationally certified (Spanish) and accomplished Trilingual interpreter (ASL, Spanish, and English), with more than a decade of successful experience in interpreting and interpreter training. Having traveled around the world and interacted with deaf communities from many countries, she specializes in interpreting to the deaf Latino community. When she is not traveling, she is learning or presenting at a national interpreter conference. Her professional training and development include an American Sign Language Interpreting Immersion and American Sign Language Medical Interpreting Fellowship. She also holds a Medical Interpreter Certificate, a Medical Terminology Certificate, and a Master Trainer Instructional Design certificate from ATD. For the past 14 years, she has had the unique opportunity to train new colleagues in the areas of interpreting and customer service. To quench her insatiable thirst for learning, she has also taught herself Italian and is currently working on learning Swahili, a goal that was set to be able to volunteer with the Refugee community in the Tampa Bay area.

Sharon Gonzalez-Reid


Sharon Gonzalez Reid is a Spanish-certified medical interpreter through the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI). Her academic background includes International Relations, Chemical Engineering, and Fashion Design. Still, she has dedicated her life to her true calling, interpreting. In her 17 years of experience, Sharon has over 32-thousand interpreted hours in the legal finance and medical fields. She is passionate about using her expertise to help fellow interpreters face day-to-day challenges. Following that passion, she joined the AMN Language Services Training and Development Department two years ago and currently works as an Instructional Designer, developing content to support interpreter colleagues. She is dedicated to developing content to support the continuous education of interpreters and customer service team members. Sharon truly enjoys hiking and visiting new places in Costa Rica, where she currently resides.