Nursing live Q&A episode 3
Live Q&A August 4, 2022

Ep. 5 - Nursing: Tips from a Recruiter

Host: Saundra Vild, DVP Training 
Guests: Natalie Conyers, Manager of Recruitment  


In episode 5 of our Nursing Live Q&A event series, we break down several tips nurses should know before starting a career as a travel nurse. Our host, Saundra, and our guest, Natalie, discuss licensing, what happens when you extend a contract and seasonal job opportunities. If you need some questions answered before you take the leap into travel nursing, tune into this episode!  



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We Discuss


Do you offer bonuses? 

  • One of the amazing benefits available to healthcare professionals is a referral bonus! Learn more about referring a friend.   

What are the benefits of extending a contract?  

  • There are several benefits to extending a contract, including negotiating more time off and an easier credentialing process.  

How do different state nursing licenses work?  

  • Every state has a different length of time needed to secure a license and our licensing team is available to help with any questions!  
  • Please visit our licensing page to learn more.  

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