Episode 1 Live Q&A
Live Q&A March 10, 2022

Ep. 1 - Nursing: Getting Started Traveling

Host: Saundra Vild, DVP Training 
Guests: Erin Gingery, Manager of Recruitment; Allison Chen, Senior Director; Jerome Sanders, RN 


In episode 1 of our Nursing Live Q&A event series, we talk about all things travel nursing! Our host, Saundra, and our guests, Erin, Allison, and Jerome discuss the ins and outs of licensing, housing, and exclusive job opportunities available for AMN travelers. Grab a notepad and a pen so you don’t miss any of this valuable information.  


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We Discuss  


What happens if our license is not accepted by a particular state? 

  • Every state has a different length of time needed to secure a license and our licensing team is available to help with any questions!  

How does housing work when you travel out of state? 

  • You can find your own housing or utilize provided housing through AMN Healthcare. Please visit our housing page for more information.  

What is the benefit of applying for an exclusive job opportunity?  

  • Working at an exclusive facility gives you the option to grow and advance your career professionally.  
  • Learn more about exclusive opportunities available.