AMN Healthcare Live Q&A Host and Guests
Live Q&A July 7, 2023

Live Q&A Ep. 23 - Finding Balance as a Travel Nurse

Searching for new ways to make your mental and physical well-being a priority? In episode 23 of our AMN Live Q&A event series, our panel of experts discuss ways to find balance while on assignment and resources available to all AMN Healthcare nurses.

Host: Audra Giancarli, AMN Passport Lead
Guest: Kendrick Azubuike, Manager of Recruitment
Guest: Killian Serrano, Senior Recruiter
Guest: Chris Lebron, Senior Director of Staffing
Guest: Kelsey Ray, Clinical Manager

What We Discuss

Does AMN offer any special discounts for travel nurses?

We offer a variety of discounts for car rentals, hotels, entertainment and so much more to all our nurses. Make sure you ask your recruiter about these before your next assignment!

Can I take time off after my assignment ends?

Absolutely! We know that all assignments have many ups and downs, and you might need to take a break once your contract ends. Rest assured, you’re able to take multiple weeks off after an assignment ends and you’ll still be covered by insurance.

How can I view the benefits available at AMN?

We offer a variety of benefits and your recruiter will work with you to find what suits your needs! Learn more about our Employee Assistance Program and how it can help you and your family.


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