Live Q&A Episode 19 hosts
Live Q&A April 25, 2023

Live Q&A Ep. 19 – Celebrating Nurses Month

Nurses Month (the best month of the year) is almost here! We're excited to celebrate our AMN-azing clinicians during episode 19 of our AMN Live Q&A event series. Join our panel of recruiters and discover how we are celebrating Nurses Month, tips on finding your next assignment, and so much more.

Audra Giancarli, AMN Passport Lead
Joshua Snow, Senior Recruiter
Ashley Ingel, Director of Recruitment
Carrie Beaton, Manager of Staffing and Training


We Discuss

What options are available to clinicians who want to work closer to home?
We have plenty of options for clinicians who are looking to serve their communities closer to home! Visit NurseFinders to learn more about per diem jobs and local assignments near you.
Are there mental health resources available to nurses through AMN?
Your mental and physical wellbeing is a top priority. Learn more about our 24/7 mental health screenings, referral services and other resources available to you and your family.
How can I get involved with fellow AMN travelers?
We know that traveling away from your family and friends can be difficult, that’s why we encourage all our nurses to join our AMN Nursing community on Instagram and download the AMN Passport app to get connected with nurses near you.

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