Live Q&A May 23, 2023

Live Q&A Ep. 20: All Things Speech & Language Pathologists

AMN Live Q&A: All Things Speech & Language Pathologists

Host: Rachel Kelmer

Guests: Zach M. and Stephanie D. CCC-SLP

In episode 20 of our Live Q&A event series, we celebrate our Speech & Language Pathologists in honor of Better Hearing and Speech Month. Our host, Rachel, and our guests, Zach and Stephanie talk about how to start your travel career as a travel therapist and even share some insider secrets!

We Discuss

What was the first conversation like when you started planning with Stephanie?

When I first start out with new travelers, I like to create a plan A, B, and C. Obviously plan A is our first goal when it comes to the specific state and what type of setting you are looking for. I want to hear my travelers' goals and make those possible!

Stephanie, how do you prepare between a schools assignment and a medical assignment?

When you are in a medical setting they go by so quickly, they are fast paced, and you have to learn how to adapt quickly. However, on the school setting side you are there from August-May and you get to see your student's progress and grow with them. Having the option to switch between a medical setting and a schools setting has helped prevent burnout in so many ways.

What is your top question you always ask in an interview?

My top question that I always ask is what does the onboarding process look like? As a traveler some contracts will differ, and you want to know what your beginning process will be like.

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