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Second Career Nurse Earns AMN’s DAISY Award

What defines an extraordinary nurse?
While “extraordinary” can look a little different from one nurse to the next, it always
revolves around prioritizing patients and their care. Just ask Adebukola (Buki) A., a
registered nurse with expertise across a wide variety of nursing disciplines who was
recently honored with a DAISY Award® from AMN Healthcare.
“My time as a bedside nurse and my formative years at the University of Virginia have
significantly influenced my approach, placing paramount importance on prioritizing
patient needs and ensuring they receive the utmost care,” she explained.
In partnership with The DAISY Foundation, the team at AMN Healthcare is pleased to
recognize Buki among the company’s nurses and nursing leaders who are chosen for
this honor for their unparalleled care and compassion.
Since The DAISY Award was first established in 1999, more than 210,000 nurses and
nurse leaders around the world have received this award to thank them and honor the
extraordinary work they do for patients and families every day.

A stellar nursing career

As a second career nurse, Buki’s nursing journey began in 2003. “I was drawn to
nursing because of my fervor for working with people and advocating on their behalf,”
she noted.
Upon graduating from nursing school, she began her career at the thoracic, cardiac and
vascular post-surgery unit at the University of Virginia Hospital, as a floor nurse. Since
then, she has worked in different areas and capacities of nursing leadership.
“I've explored various aspects of nursing leadership and amassed over 10 years of
experience as a medical–surgical adjunct nursing professor.”
Though her permanent home is in Virginia, Buki is currently enjoying a travel
assignment on the other side of the country in Los Angeles.

Finding fulfillment in nursing

Adebukola Akinola (1).jpeg

Though it was not her first career, Buki asserts that nursing is her true passion, and that it has provided numerous opportunities for her to help others for more than two decades. “Nursing, to me, is immensely fulfilling as it allows me to support patients during their most unexpected and vulnerable moments. I firmly believe that patients benefit from understanding their condition and treatment plans while recognizing that nurses can provide solace and clarity during challenging times.”




Working with AMN Healthcare

Since Buki has transitioned from a permanent nursing position to travel assignments,
she has appreciated the guidance and support she finds at AMN Healthcare.
“I love working for the company because of the support I receive. The exposure to new
opportunities and challenges consistently aids in my personal and professional
development. Moreover, I feel respected and valued for the contributions I bring to this

Congratulations to all DAISY Award recipients

Congratulations from the AMN Healthcare team to Buki and all the other recipients of
this year’s DAISY Award, for continuing to showcase excellence in the field of nursing
and nursing leadership.If you are a clinician seeking new challenges and leadership opportunities within your
specialty, learn more about your career options with AMN Healthcare.

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