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Medical Coding Partnerships for Healthcare Providers

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 Susan Salka Headshot - 2016 BlogSusan Salka, CEO and President, AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare is carefully building a company that provides the most comprehensive array of healthcare workforce-related services in the nation, and we’re doing it through organic growth and acquisitions. Our purpose is simple: Healthcare organizations must focus on excellence in patient care, but they’re forced to pay attention to a growing profusion of issues due to the increasing complexity of the healthcare system. AMN helps solve these challenges so healthcare providers can concentrate on healthcare.

At first blush, our recent acquisition of Peak Health Solutions might seem a little different from other acquisitions in recent years. Actually, it continues the same approach we’ve always followed: We listen to our clients, find out what services they need and fulfill them – so they can maintain their focus on excellence in patient care. In this way, we continue our integral support by offering our clients a better way to deliver improved patient experience and outcomes.

Peak Health Solutions provides vital services that nearly all healthcare organizations need these days. Healthcare providers are required to update digital codes for classification of diseases, which will improve accuracy in reimbursement and in diagnosing and treating health problems. Our clients told us they needed help with this task, and we knew that Peak Health Solutions is one of the best companies at medical coding support. That led to the acquisition.

The acquisition of Peak opens up an entirely new market opportunity for AMN Healthcare, within the multi-billion dollar industry that’s known as Health Information Management. This creates a new channel for AMN to grow and expand as a more meaningful partner for healthcare organizations.

Like others in the AMN family of companies, Peak provides comprehensive and customized services, in its case to deliver customized solutions to help acute care facilities and physician practices overcome coding, clinical documentation or auditing challenges.

Peak’s clinical documentation experts not only help healthcare organizations solve their medical coding challenges but also help healthcare professionals utilize the new coding. Most physicians, nurses and allied professionals, entirely focused on patient care, are not fully engaged in the processes or the importance of medical coding. Peak helps hospitals with ongoing education and engagement, providing a central resource for clinicians and coders as new codes are rolled out.

Our clients face an increasingly complex world, and it’s our job to help them navigate it successfully. Along with our other workforce solutions and healthcare staffing services, our entry into Health Information Management expands and improves the vital healthcare services we provide to our clients and, most importantly, to their patients.

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