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AMN at 30: Positive change is in our DNA

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By Susan Salka

You can tell a lot about the future of AMN Healthcare by looking at our past. When I look back at the history of AMN, I see a company and a team of dedicated people who listened closely to the needs of their clients and their industry, and then – through innovation and determination – embraced the change to fulfill those needs.

We began as a travel nurse company. Then, the healthcare industry began trending toward increased complexity – a trend that continues today. Our clients needed more help and support. They needed all their contingent staffing – physicians, allied and nurses – from one place. They needed help managing both contingent and permanent healthcare professionals. They needed innovative ideas and efficiency. They needed predictability in staffing.

AMN responded by evolving organically and through acquisitions to offer new and innovative services. We became the first healthcare staffing company to provide nurses, physicians and allied. The first company to move into healthcare workforce solutions. The first healthcare staffing company to offer full-service healthcare management technology. Just as AMN today is a different company today from what it was in the past, so too will it be a different company in the future. We embrace change, because almost everything in the industry is changing -- direct patient care, care models, consumer demands, market forces, pharmacology and medical technology, informatics, government regulations and many other aspects of healthcare. We must stay ahead of these changes to be of maximum service to our clients.

Our recent acquisitions are a very good indication of how we will change. At a time of dramatic increase in demand for healthcare professionals, AMN joined with companies that add expert capacity to our physician, nursing and allied staffing services, while boosting our vendor management system offerings and delving into scientific workforce forecasting and planning. Our future will always be about expertise in healthcare staffing. But our clients will represent a broadening array of healthcare providers, including clinics, home health, retail care, urgent care, telehealth and other care delivery environments outside of acute care.

As transformational change continues in healthcare, the outsourcing of staffing and workforce management capabilities will also increase, because hospitals and health systems will have to focus all of their attention on maintaining quality in patient care. AMN will increasingly become a critical partner in the success of patient care. Our future will be in helping clients manage their total workforce – contingent, permanent, float pool and contract. In addition to healthcare staffing and workforce solutions responsibilities, we will become vital in competency and proficiency testing, learning management, upskilling and retention.

Ultimately, AMN will become a healthcare workforce company that is holistic – as in comprehensive and all-inclusive. Because, as I see it, the lines between contingent and permanent healthcare professionals will become more adaptive. New realities of healthcare delivery will mean that a flexible workforce better fulfills needs of providers. This new paradigm of healthcare work will also adapt to the preferences of healthcare professionals, and create a flexible work life that is much more appealing.

AMN is perfectly positioned for the healthcare industry in this era of transformation. We continue to evolve and change, to innovate and to take calculated risks so we can stay on top. Positive change is in our DNA. Besides, we like a good challenge, to prove to ourselves and others that we can accomplish what was previously believed unachievable!

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