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Nothing ‘Mad’ about it: AMN poised for healthcare ‘perfect storm’

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By Susan Salka, president & CEO, AMN Healthcare

June 13, 2013 - Buzzers going off!  Lightbulbs blinking!  Ranting and raving!  It was an electric environment, to say the least!  And all this excitement was to spotlight the revelation about how AMN Healthcare is extremely well-positioned to partner with hospitals and health systems in confronting the dramatic changes underway in healthcare. 

Last week, I had the honor to represent AMN Healthcare on national television during an interview with Jim Cramer on "Mad Money." Cramer nodded in agreement when I described the "perfect storm" that is brewing within healthcare staffing and workforce solutions. What is the perfect storm?

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka healthcare reform
  • Major shortages of physicians and other clinicians
  • A rapidly aging population that needs more care
  • A bottom-line shift in how clinicians are compensated and health systems reimbursed
  • Rising government and market pressure for greater quality and controlled costs

Any one of these changes would constitute a significant challenge to healthcare. Today and in the near future, they are all happening at once. As hospital and health system administrators endeavor to keep up with these critical changes, AMN's offers fundamentally important help in two ways:

  • Our workforce solutions and staffing support health systems' responses to each facet of the perfect storm
  • We handle health systems' workforce challenges while healthcare administrators focus on coping with change

The fact that labor costs account for half of all hospital and health system expenditures shows how critical workforce solutions can be to nearly all healthcare challenges. Investors and clients are taking notice. And government policy-makers are beginning to understand it, too.

Mad Money Video


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