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White Paper July 15, 2021

Patient Care to Talent Care White Paper

Optimizing Talent Acquisition in Healthcare through Holistic Talent Management

MSP White Paper coverA holistic talent management solution that includes both RPO and MSP can help create positive business and financial outcomes. In fact, leveraging an integrated approach to talent management can offer additional cost savings to the tune of 25-35% over separate RPO and MSP solutions.

The Patient Care to Talent Care: Optimizing Talent Acquisition in Healthcare through Holistic Talent Management white paper, written by Everest Group, explains that the diverse and complex talent needs of the healthcare industry require a look at the talent acquisition function from a holistic perspective by applying a combined lens to all types of talent, whether permanent or contingent. Everest Group is a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, and sourcing.

From this white paper, you’ll learn how:

  • A single service provider managing the entire spectrum of talent for a client facilitates better onboarding of hires
  • A holistic talent management solution can help reduce compliance issues
  • Selecting the right workforce solutions partner can help accelerate a healthcare provider’s transition to an integrated talent management strategy

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